Plastic Sealing Jar with Aluminum Lid


plastic jar with aluminum lid

1, transparent sealed jar more suitable for storage of a variety of food, so not only clean but also more sanitary, such as storage of some sugar, snacks, milk powder and other food.

Its advantages are easy to clean, impermeable, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance with good chemical stability, absolutely food grade security, it is the best sealing tank material.

2, plastic sealing tank is also a common in life, most of this material is poor heat resistance.

Most transparent sealed cans are made of PET material, while PC and PP sealed cans have better temperature resistance.

3, strong corrosion resistance, easy to clean, boiling water can be disinfected.

4, to achieve a box of multi-purpose and convenient features, out of the refrigerator can be directly put into the microwave oven to cook and then put on the table, greatly reducing the time, money, space repeated investment.

Matters needing attention

1.When taking out the product from the microwave oven, please try to use kitchen gloves to avoid scalding.Please snap the lid off when you microwave it.

2.For use in the oven, please remove the lid.

  1. Heat directly over an open flame. not use knives, forks, spoons and other steel products on the product cut.

  1. Do not use this product wrapped in aluminum foil.