How to apply light makeup



The foundation is the foundation of the makeup surface. A thin and natural foundation effect is the most ideal step for applying makeup, and it is also an important step in making transparent makeup. (Transparent makeup does not mean that you do not apply foundation, but you want to apply a thin layer.) There are basically three choices of foundation, foundation, and loose powder. (Foundation is the most commonly used, including foundation makeup in studios. It is also a solid variant of the liquid foundation. The powder is for easy application, easy to carry, and easy to make up. The foundation can only be used in wet or dry mode, but the effect is that it is not as good as liquid foundation. Use, the makeup set here is not the final step of makeup, but the sweeping powder after the foundation is used up, and then start to make up!)
We base, preferably liquid foundation, because it is easy to spread and easy to have a thin effect. There are many types of liquid foundation now, mm for oily skin can be used without worrying about oil, and mm for dry skin can add a lotion to the liquid foundation for more moisture. The choice of foundation color is different, and my suggestion is that you can choose a color that is slightly whiter than your skin tone. (Of course, you can’t make the color of the neck and face different). You can choose a skin tone foundation, and then you can choose a powder that is whiter than your skin tone, so it looks natural together.
Is the tool used for priming sponge or hand? My suggestion is that if your skin is dry and powder-free, it is easy to float after applying makeup. In this case, please use a sponge when using foundation. In other cases by hand. When using a sponge, first wet the sponge with water, and then wrap it with toilet paper. This will absorb more water. Then, pour out liquid foundation on the tiger’s mouth on the back of your hand. Apply liquid foundation by pressing. This method can make the skin eat powder to the maximum, and it is not easy to float. If the skin is moisturized, you don’t need this, you can wipe the foundation with your hands and it will be OK.

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After applying the liquid foundation, use loose powder to set the makeup. Pay attention when using loose powder, because there is already liquid foundation on the face. The method of applying loose powder is to use a loose powder puff to press it on, instead of applying it, because it will put on just now The liquid foundation is broken. Before using, you can apply loose powder with powder on the back of your hand, then you can filter the excess powder, and then press it. If you do n’t feel uneven, do n’t be afraid. Finally, use a large loose powder to sweep it. OK) Come and sweep it, sweep away the excess powder, huh, a transparent base makeup appears!
It’s time to be critical, alas, I really don’t understand this. My own experience is to practice more and practice more to master the strength. In general, if it is a color, the end of the eye is the darkest and the brow arch is the lightest. You can feel a bone in your eyes, right? This is the place where the color is the lightest. When applying eye shadow, please do n’t exceed it. One color can also be painted in shades. This is the strength of multi-coating. Don’t be afraid. After it is deepened, you can use a cotton swab to correct it. If you are worried about applying it poorly, then you can only apply it on your double eyelids. Single eyelid mm can’t be applied like this, you must master the transition well.
If it is a multi-colored eye shadow, you can play it boldly. Don’t be afraid to make it look bad, or it will damage it. Go bravely. Multi-color eye shadow makeup, there are two types of horizontal smudge and three-dimensional smudge. Horizontal smudge is the two colors transitioning horizontally, gradually transitioning to another lighter color, such as dark green light green, dark purple and light purple. and many more. To lighten the color, apply the light color from the root of the eyelashes to the lower part of the eyebrow, and then apply the darker color to the lighter color. The darker color starts from the heel of the eyelashes and then transitions to the double eyelids. It’s ok, single eyelid mm closes the eyes, basically it can be transitioned to the middle and upper part of the eyeball. This is the simplest way to apply two similar color eyeshadows.
Three-dimensional blooming is the highest realm of multiple color combinations, haha. The key point is at the end of the eye, starting from the end of the eye. Orientals have shallow eye sockets, and painting a dark color at the end of the eyes will seem to emphasize eye sockets. Dark color here does not mean that dark colors such as brown must be used. Any color can be used, but the intensity is heavier when painted. From the end of the eye, according to your eyeball position, gradually transition to the corner of the eye, the transition to the middle of the eyeball, you can change the color and then come, there should be no obvious transition line between the two colors, it is best that the next color presses the previous color Then transition to the corner of the eye, the shape is basically the shape of the eyeball. Because it is two or more colors, and it is three-dimensional, it is very beautiful. This variety of color combinations can be boldly tried. It is not necessary to approximate the color. I usually use blue + purple, pink + blue or gold, green + yellow (because I have a single eyelid, and the double eyelid mm is more available). Come with. Whoever is at the corner of the eye and who is at the end of the eye is OK. You can try it out, and how to look the most comfortable.