Mascara From MEIYUN


Mascara should be safe and non-irritating to the eyes. If it falls into the eyes accidentally when used, it should not have a tingling sensation. The mascara should have a moderate gloss. After use, it will make the eyelashes darker, shiny and produce better The cosmetic effect is uniform and fine, the viscosity is moderate, it is easier to apply, the adhesion is uniform, the eyelashes do not harden and clump after use; the mascara does not stick to the eyelids after drying, and is not afraid of sweat, tears, and rain wet.

Choose the right shape of the brush head. Generally speaking, the brush head mainly has the following shapes:

Triangular brush head: The intersection of the two sections can fully touch the deep layers of eyelashes, and wrap the eyelashes layer by layer, making the eyelashes dense, soft and natural, making it easier to load.

Quadrangular brush head: It can lengthen the middle part of the eyelashes, and make the eyelashes receive a small amount of pull, making the eyelashes clear. The eyelashes at the end of the eye and the end of the eye become dense from the root, showing a good arc Make the eye shape perfect from any angle.

Conical brush head: It can enhance its plump effect, brushing out dense eyelashes that are as dense as feathers, and the concave fibers of the bristles can naturally absorb and envelop each eyelash, so that the eyelashes are dense and curled. More outstanding.

Spiral brush head: The gap will be filled with paste, which will be applied more on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes clear and difficult to stick, making the eyelashes thicker and harder, and creating a more curled effect.

Curved brush head: suitable for anyone, especially those with short eyelashes. Designed according to the physiological curve of eyelashes, it is easy to apply. At the moment of application, it is evenly applied to the root to the tip of each eyelash.

Tooth-shaped brush heads: Brush heads with a large spacing are easy to brush the lashes long and well-defined; brush heads with a small pitch are easy to make the lashes thick and plump.

Mini-type brush head: It is easy for beginners to easily apply eyebrows. It is not necessary to apply mascara to the upper eyelid, and it can be easily brushed from the root of the eyelashes. And this small brush mascara is also very suitable for brushing the eyelashes. It is easy to grasp whether the eyelashes are vertical or horizontal.

Steel brush head: The steel rod design of the hairless brush can make the silk fibers easier to sweep on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes longer and clearer.