Why do you use sub-bottle when travelling?


sub bottle


Travel is an escape from the ordinary life, may you can take the lightest luggage and the most abundant of their own all the way through the wind and waves.

It’s easy to take care of your skin care at home, but it’s more important to take these things out with you. For example, when you’re on a business trip or traveling, you’ll encounter the following kinds of problems.

1.skin care product is too heavy/too big to fit!

The reason why girls buy skin care products: different seasons/festival activities/bottle beautiful/new sales/follow drama plant grass, do not know why, buy it!

However, unlike at home, I have to carry everything with me when I go out. Especially the delicate girl, I don’t want to give up using them, so I want to pack everything left and right

2.The material is beautiful, but fragile and easy to fall

Most of the big brands have their own positioning, high end/texture. In order to attract the attention of consumers, most skin care products bottles are made of glass, which is easy to bump into, which is too painful for the wallet.


3.The bottle doesn’t screw tight, it leaks!

This really has no way, some bottling will really encounter such a problem, imagine such a picture – a very expensive bottle of emulsion, because of the loose bottling-cap, it leaks in the makeup-bag, on the clothes, just not In You Face! Are you angry?!


4.Using tips

Obviously, we are only going out for three or five days, but we have a lot of things to take with us. At such times, we need to take some portable devices to save the perfect and heavy luggage and release our shoulders.

According to travel needs, whether it is lotion, essence, wash care, makeup removal are a set of solutions, let your travel neat, do your trip intimate little housekeeper. There are many styles of bottling, in the choice of bottling capacity, need to be determined according to their own needs.Simple and convenient is the best, can be used for make-up lotion, lotion, essence, pure lotion and other skin care products, travel is convenient and practical.

For the first time to use, please clean it with clean water and put it into cosmetics for use.