Workplace experts point out that women who want to be promoted start with makeup



It is said that during the worst of the financial crisis, female financiers from British banks participated in a conference called “Putting Out Success” and were told to put on work, even if just applying lipstick, is a necessary means to create a professional image. The actual situation is that this year, various brands have launched new base makeup products, and in another field of beauty plastic surgery, the number of professional women who have injected Botox (botox) is increasing. It seems that more and more people are beginning to realize that to get a better job in the workplace, it is not enough to just wear a plain face. To get a promotion, start with makeup.

Full-time wife who knows makeup

Influenced by the stylist’s sister, Jane has always had a strong interest in makeup and beauty, and once opened a personal studio. After marriage, she closed the studio for a few years as a full-time housewife, but later became bored and decided to return to the workplace. When she announced that she was going to work at a famous home improvement company in the province, everyone sweated for her: Can a housewife with no experience in the home improvement industry be able to cope with fierce competition?

Entering a new job, Jane, like in the past, insists on daily makeup, no matter how busy she is, trying to maintain a good image in front of customers. At first, it was just a long-established personal habit. Gradually, she figured out the way: For many customers, a salesman who has carefully modified himself is more convincing. After all, home improvement is also a sense of design Industry. The beautiful makeup face largely represents her own ability to grasp colors and images, which conveys a strong message: I have taste.

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Now, Jane’s business volume accounts for one third of the entire team, especially in the high-end market, she always has a bigger advantage than other colleagues. At the end of last year, in order to recognize her outstanding performance, the company rewarded her with a car worth more than 100,000 yuan!

Many Hangzhou women do n’t wear makeup at work

Although this story happened in Hangzhou, according to our observations, there are not so many professional women who can really insist on makeup every day. Even on the 19th floor coffee big classroom, which is famous for fashion, in the poll on whether to insist on makeup every day, only 22 \% of girls “adhere to makeup every day no matter how busy they are,” and 18 \% said they “have no makeup habits” This number is the same as that of netizens who “makeup as long as they have time.” 20 \% of voters “makeup only when they are particularly needed.” This special need seems to refer to shopping with friends on weekends or shopping with friends at night. Lovers dating does not include daily work status. About 20% of the remaining people do not wear makeup. Reasons include: they think they are in good condition without makeup, they are not confident about the makeup technique and give up, and think that only women of a certain age need makeup.

No makeup at work The most common reason is that time is too late

If you want to discuss the reasons for not wearing makeup, the most common reason is “no time”, especially in the morning, many people choose to sleep for a little longer. At the same time, some women think that, given their good skin foundation, they are already very beautiful, and makeup will destroy the natural beauty, especially when they are not confident about makeup, they feel that it is “ugly” when they put on makeup. This also reflects the fact that, in addition to the concept of makeup in Hangzhou, many women have to give up because they did not have the opportunity to learn makeup techniques-this is the answer given by 11% of netizens participating in the vote .

Hangzhou professional women over 35 years old

Although often referred to as a “second-tier city”, Hangzhou has at least 8 makeup brands that are national sales champions, among which Lancome’s counter in Hangzhou Tower has even become a global sales champion! Obviously, as the most important market for domestic cosmetics consumption, Hangzhou By the attention of major international beauty groups, many brands will send their own heavy-weight makeup artists to Hangzhou for display. While serving customers, they also hope to better popularize makeup techniques. When we talk with makeup artists who travel around the world, we will find that in these years, women in Hangzhou have indeed made great progress in makeup, especially between the ages of 20 and 35. Women, they can quickly accept international trends, but also have a passion for learning. However, the majority of women above this age are those without makeup.

International metropolises such as Tokyo and Hong Kong are known as fashion cities. In addition to the personality and avant-garde of young people in clothing, most elderly women of all levels also have makeup habits, and even aunts who buy food in supermarkets also strive to maintain Exquisite image. Sometimes we envy such a mood and feel that maintaining this habit for many years requires a lot of perseverance. In fact, they will tell you: once you get into the habit, makeup is as simple as eating and drinking.

You can get a full makeup in 20 minutes in the morning

In the small survey in the large coffee classroom, we saw that people generally think that a makeup face can be obtained in 20 minutes. The process includes: applying foundation, brushing powder, drawing eyebrows, applying Eye shadows, eyelashes, blush, lip gloss. Some girls who drive to work even use the moment of waiting for the red light during the morning rush to brush mascara and the like in the small mirror. Of course, the premise is that you have a good memory, otherwise you can brush a red light on one side, and you forget that you did half of the next red light, hey, that’s bad.

It is more dangerous to apply makeup in a bus or taxi, especially during the movement of the car. The makeup movement is easily interrupted by the brakes. Applying lipstick to the face is still a trivial matter, and the eyebrow pencil does not poke into the eyes It’s fun. It’s better to rush to the office two minutes in advance and quietly put on a simple makeup after sitting down and start the day’s work.

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