The cosmetic bottle sprayer from CNBEAUTYPACKAGING


Cosmetic bottle sprayer include tying and screw, By function is divided into fine mist spray pump,cream pump, lotion pump, trigger sprayer;the size of the sprayer could be match the bottle diameter, the closures is from 24 mm – 12.5 mm, water yield of 0.1 ml/time – 0.2 ml/time, commonly used in perfumes, gel water, the straw can be determined to the height of the bottle.
The lotion pump specifications range from 16ml to 38ml, the water yield is 0.28ml/ time – 3.1ml/ time;Special sprayer such as foam pump and trigger sprayer, foam pump,which does not need filling air to produce foam, but only needs to be pressed gently to produce quantitative high-quality foam.It is usually equipped with special bottles. The trigger sprayer is usually used for detergent products;
The sprayer parts is generally including: dust cap, actuator, closure,gasket,spring,valve, valve ball (steel ball, glass ball),straw;Surface handing including Painting,matte,silkscreen,hot stamping(hot gold,hot silver);Material:PP,PS,K-RESIN;Color of the sprayers are white,black,yellow and customization.The cosmetic bottle sprayer