How to make up? Practical makeup tips and steps



Heart of beauty in everyone! Want to have a beautiful makeup, makeup is a compulsory course for ladies! But how to make up? How to make up? What are the makeup tips and steps to master and pay attention to? Collect the most practical practical makeup tips and steps for you:
Makeup tips:
1. To have a good make-up, you must first maintain your face. A face with a good skin tone and a good complexion will make the makeup smooth and clean.
2. Make-up remover is the most important step in skin care. If you leave your cosmetics on your face for a night, it can cause a lot of damage to your skin.
3. Suitable for other people’s skin care products, not necessarily suitable for people, so be sure to try before you buy and sell skin care products.
4. The foundation that no one found on your face is the one that suits you best.
5. Use the foundation method: Pour the foundation on the back of the hand, use a dry sponge with eight points to wet the foundation, then slowly push the whole face from top to bottom.
6. Avoid thickening the foundation around your eyes and lips, because the pores in these two places are very small, and it is easy to produce small fine lines. The thinner foundation is more natural.

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7. Eyebrow makeup is the focus of facial makeup. The change of eyebrow shape and the color of eyebrows can create different feelings. Black eyebrows: smart, profitable; gray eyebrows: serious, regular; brown eyebrows: stylish, flattering.
8. The eyeliner must be as close as possible to the eyelashes to be natural.
9. The basic eyeliner is drawn in the shape of the eyelids.
10. Because the creases are too deep, the double eyelids are easy to get off the oil and the eye shadow should be light.
11. If the eyebrows are drooping and the eye bags are larger, it is best to replace the eyeliner with coffee and eye shadow, and properly lift the eye lines.
12. Single eyelids or eye edema, avoid pink and high-color brightening eyeshadow. Black or dark brown eyeliner enhances the center of gravity.
13. If the eyes are small, the eyebrows are thick, and the distance between the eyes is close, the eye shadow should not be drawn too much, and the eyebrows should be slightly trimmed.
14. Before using mascara, be sure to use the eyelash curler to bend and clip the eyelash curler.
15. When trying lipstick color, it is best to apply directly to the lip to see the texture and color of the red exit.
16. Pink lipstick: young and fashionable; bright lipstick: strong maturity.

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17. The color of the lip liner and lipstick must be extremely harmonious, otherwise it will not only show the lip shape, but will have the opposite effect.
18. Pink, orange, rose, pink, red, and other blushes can give the skin a moisturizing sensation.
19. The use of blush is not limited to cheeks, and blush can be applied to the neck and forehead to create a fresh skin tone.
20. The first step in makeup is to remove the oil, water and dust from your face. It is not recommended to use oil-absorbing paper because the oil-absorbing paper has a diffusing effect and will absorb more oil. It is best to use general facial tissue, especially in the folds of the eyelids, corners of the eyes, nose and so on.
21. When applying makeup, the thinner the powder makeup, the better.
22. When filling the lipstick, remove all the makeup on the lips and re-color.
Steps for makeup:
1. Clean the skin: Clean skin is the basis of good makeup. While cleaning the skin, you can add some massage fingering and strength to relax the skin tension to suit the affinity of skin and cosmetics. You can clean the skin with cleansing cosmetics such as facial cleanser and cleansing cream.
2. Eyebrows: Remove excess eyebrows and trim their eyebrows. There are two kinds of eyebrows and shaving methods.
3. Apply lotion: Apply sterilized cotton 蘸 lotion to the skin and pat it by hand to infiltrate.

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4. Nutrient Cream or Lotion Care: You can moisturize the skin with a nutrient cream and lotion.
5. Apply foundation: Mainly to improve the skin tone and skin texture, make the skin delicate and clean.
6. Powder application: fix the foundation with transparent powder honey or foundation with the same color. To reduce the oily feel of the foundation on the skin. And prevent makeup from falling off and walking.
7. Thrush: The eyebrow is the portal of the eye, and the drawing of the eyebrow should be symmetrical with the eye shape and the face.
8. Draw the eyeliner: It should be symmetrical with the eye shape and the face.
9. Eye makeup: Two steps, one is to paint eye shadow, and the other is to apply mascara.
10. Draw a nose shadow: Choose the color that matches the makeup color, and smudge up and down on both sides of the bridge of the nose.
11. Tu Yuhong: Blush can make people healthy and can make up for the lack of face shape. The color of blush should be compatible with lipstick and eye shadow.
12. Draw a lip: first draw a contour with a lip liner or a wool lip pen, then apply a lipstick and varnish that is compatible with the makeup color.
13. Makeup: After the overall makeup is finished, the makeup artist stands a little farther and observes the overall effect of the makeup. Mainly to see whether the makeup shape, makeup color is coordinated; whether the left and right are symmetrical; whether the background color is uniform; if not enough to modify.