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Although the perfume bottle is inconspicuous in the Tibetan world, the investment value is not low. In foreign countries, perfume bottles have repeatedly created good results on the auction floor, but also attracted the attention of many investors. Such as a bottle of Guerlain perfume in 1870, 45,600 euros in an auction in France in previous years.
In recent years, perfume has become a fashionable consumer goods favored by domestic fashion people, and a large number of well-known foreign perfume brands have gathered in the Chinese market with a large consumer base, which has made the perfumes of the past mysterious.
Of course, as an important part of cosmetics, in addition to the attractive aroma of perfume, its packaging has become a highlight of attracting consumers’ attention. And any manufacturer will put a lot of effort into the perfume bottle, which is undoubtedly the main selling point of perfume sales.

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Exquisitely, it should be said that perfume is an exotic product.
Although there were traditional perfumes in ancient China, there was no real perfume industry. Until the west wind moved eastward in the 19th century, with the arrival of a large number of Westerners, perfumes gradually entered the horizons of Chinese people, and many of the aristocrats at that time Comprehend the cultural heritage and exotic atmosphere of perfume. By the 1930s, perfumes were officially popular in major cities in China; after the 1990s, the popularity of perfumes in the country increased significantly and is becoming the main force in the cosmetics market.
The constant popularity of perfumes has also allowed people to see the exquisite perfume bottles, because this is in line with the law of “good horses with good saddles”. International collection of perfume bottles has become an important collection category, and many people have systematically invested in perfume bottles. Such as a bottle of Guerlain perfume in 1870, in the previous auction in France, 45,600 euros, which is twice the previous estimate, refreshing the auction price record of perfume bottles; and the ivory color of Chennai in 1931 Perfume bottles, the transaction price is also up to 1,300 euros.
In the domestic collections, perfume bottles are classified as miscellaneous. With the popularity and popularity of perfumes, the collection value of perfume bottles is being valued by more and more players.

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The potential of endless perfume bottles in the Tibetan world is inconspicuous, but the investment value is not low. In foreign countries, perfume bottles have repeatedly created good results on the auction floor, and attracted many investors to rush. For example, in the United Kingdom, Chelsea produced 150 kinds of 3,000 perfume bottles from 1750 to 1780, of which 30% were retained and became the focus of the auction. In particular, the price of perfume bottles made in 1750-1760 increased dramatically. From 1920 to 1994, the price of the perfume rose 120 times. In recent years, its price has continued to rise at an average rate of 10%, becoming a stable bottle. Investment objectives.
In China, the collection market of perfume bottles is very small, and the prices of many early varieties are very low. Especially in the early 19th and early 20th centuries, the perfume bottles have not been known so far, so that foreign collectors can find them in the country and earn from them. A big price difference, this situation is really awkward. However, from another angle of analysis, it also shows that the investment potential of domestic perfume bottles is very huge, which undoubtedly gives collectors and investors an opportunity to enter at low cost, and the investment potential of the birth can be imagined.

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Because of its unique shape, perfume bottles often have high appreciation and aesthetic value, and belong to a collection of works of art. However, how to select valuable collection targets in many perfume bottles, there are still certain access standards, the following characteristics can be used as a reference for collectors to choose perfume bottles.
Year: This is a major criterion for determining the value of a perfume bottle. Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle is produced, the higher the collection and appreciation value, which can be realized from the brand of perfume bottle age to the concept of “lasting fragrance”.
Shape: The shape of the perfume bottle is varied, and it has been numerous since ancient times. In addition to the traditional square, round, heart shape, crescent shape, cone shape, inverted trapezoidal shape, etc., there are many odd-shaped perfume bottles.
Produced by: Perfume bottles from different producing areas record different folk customs, appreciate the perfume bottles from different places of origin, you can feel different cultural atmosphere. French perfume bottles have been world-famous for nearly a century and have become the leader in the trend.

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Color: The color of the perfume bottle is also beautiful and colorful. The transparent perfume bottles such as glass crystal are mostly light colors, such as light lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue, etc., especially light lemon yellow, because lemon yellow and large Most perfumes have a very good color and give a fresh, clean feel and a good visual appeal.
Material: At present, the perfume bottles we see are mainly made of glass and crystal. This is the result of the times, but before the 20th century, porcelain and enamel were used as raw materials for making perfume bottles.
Binding: As an important selling point, the binding of perfume bottles also attracts people’s attention. Through the decent frame, the perfume bottle can obtain the effect of green leaf safflower, produce artistic appreciation value and enhance the perfume taste.