A brief introduction to mascara


introduction to mascara

     Basic Information

Mascara is a cosmetic applied on eyelashes, which belongs to color cosmetics. Its main function is to color eyelashes, make clean face look thick, long and curly, and make the shape of eyelashes look neat and beautiful, so as to enhance the charm of eyes. Commonly used mascara is with a small brush and a small stick hidden automatic container, inside the paste or liquid products.

     Product categories

Mascara or mascara generally falls into two categories: water-proof and water-resistant.

  1. A waterproof mascara

It is mainly wax-based, pigments are dispersed in the system containing volatile branched hydrocarbons, volatile polydimethylsiloxane, etc., and it is necessary to use oil-containing makeup removable products when removing makeup.

    2.Water-resistant mascara

Mainly stearic acid or oleic acid triethanolamine, soap-based system for the matrix, this kind of formula water resistance is good, coated on the eyelashes feel soft, easy to remove makeup, cause less possibility of eye stimulation. Wash with water or use a regular face cleanser to remove makeup.

  1. In recent years, modern non-hydrogel-type formulations have obviously replaced waterproof emulsion formulations.

A third formula was suggested: Waterproof -washable mascras or thermosensitive mascras.

Use a film forming agent that is soluble in warm water. It is better than modified water-resistant mascara. Unlike waterproof mascara, it can be removed with water.

  • Main ingredients:

Mascara is mainly composed of emulsifiers, pigments/fillers, all kinds of solvents, waxes, oils, preservatives, polymer film forming agents, etc.

Some products with eyelash growth also contain short fibers.


Because eyelash creams is to use on the edge of the eye, want to do not have irritant and do not have microorganism pollution so, suggest consumer chooses the product with normal qualification.