How to spend eyelashes


It’s time to apply mascara under the eyeshadow. Mascara is very important. Why? Because oriental people don’t have three-dimensional features, their eyes are often dizzy, and the mascara is very different immediately. How to apply mascara? The trick is to start from the heel of the eyelashes and brush in a zigzag pattern. If the eyelashes are sticking, use a cotton swab or eyelash brush to quickly remove them. It does n’t matter if you do n’t use a z-shaped brush, just use the eyelash brush to brush it again and again, it ’s ok, brush it once, and then dry it again. It is recommended to use a base mascara before applying mascara, which not only protects the lashes, but also makes the mascara brushed later to be better colored, longer and longer. I’m not advertising, but I really use Alice’s base mascara. The cream is white. Apply this first and then brush the mascara. The effect can be clearly seen. If you use a mascara before applying the mascara, it is also good, but after using the mascara, never use it again! This will hurt the eyelashes, the rubber of the eyelash curler and the mascara body will easily stick, and the eyelashes will be clipped.
The eyebrows are the “dragon skeleton” of the face, and the outline of the woman’s personality is undoubtedly exposed. When drawing the eyebrows, do not use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to paint the entire eyebrow. There is no depth. Even if the eyebrows are down, there are changes. The eyebrow is the lightest, then gradually deepens and transitions to the peak of the eyebrow, and then gradually transitions to the end of the eyebrow. This way, the eyebrows will be three-dimensional. In general, it is shallow-gradually deeper-gradually shallower-shallower. Of course, don’t show a clear dividing line! The tools for turning eyebrows, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder are all available. It depends on how you like to use it. People who are not good at drawing are better. Use eyebrow powder to deepen and deepen. Do n’t be afraid. Brush a few more times and the powder will come off, and it will look lighter. After the eyebrows are finished, you can apply it again with eyebrow mascara, which will enhance the three-dimensional sense. Of course, if you use transparent mascara, you can also brush your eyebrows. However, the transparent mascara after brushing your eyebrows can only be used to brush the eyebrows. Use the same one, which is not good for eyelashes.
Lip gloss blush
Nowadays, I like to use lip gloss more and more. One of the colors is that it is not easy to chapped the lips, and the other is because it is convenient and easy to use. The most important place to use lip gloss is not how to draw it, because for most mm, you do n’t need to use a lip liner to hook the lip line. This method is also outdated. Now the popular one is the lip gloss, which is very beautiful. . The only thing to notice about lip gloss is the matching with blush, which is why I put these two together.
The color of the lip gloss and the color of the blusher must not conflict, orange lip gloss with pink blush or rose blush, and vice versa. This will cause the color of the makeup surface to be inconsistent. Generally speaking, two types of blush are enough. One is orange (such as orange, brown), and the other is pink or rose. These two are enough for all makeup faces. Choose a blush. When it’s red, you don’t need to choose too many. It’s enough to choose two.) Orange blush can be matched with orange lip gloss, such as orange, gold and so on. And pink and rose red, you can choose more, because these colors also have more lip gloss colors. And lip color or transparent lip gloss can be used.
Asians face contours are very undulating. If highlights and shadows are not used, the makeup will not be vivid. Here, highlights and shadows are not used a lot in daily makeup. Blushing can also be used to modify the contours.

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Use a blush brush to brush a layer of blush, preferably less, and then gently swipe on the back of the hand, so that excess powder can be swept away, and then under the cheekbones to the temples, the closer to the ears, the deeper, So there is a transition, it seems natural. If you want to look more cute, just use the blush brush to make two circles on the “Smile Muscle” (the two that laugh most), and then sweep upwards and upwards. Ok! If the strength is not good, it looks thick, and the face is red and red, don’t worry, what kind of wet and dry powder batter is used, and it will fall off after two rubs 🙂
In addition, do n’t emphasize all aspects of makeup, but highlight one point. For example, if your eyes are very beautiful, focus on painting the eyes. The lip gloss is just fine. If your lips are beautiful, use a more beautiful lip gloss It ’s ok to apply some mascara on the eyes! In short, highlighting an important point, highlighting your most beautiful places, making beautiful places more beautiful, and covering imperfect areas is the purpose of makeup!
Also, the makeup mm is more confused about the eye shadow, I will add it again.
How to let the two colors blend together naturally:
First apply the eyeshadow powder in the center of the eyelid, and then apply it in a radial pattern at the eye socket. Then dip the “dark” eye shadow on the upper eye tip, and then slowly apply it to the inner corner of the eye along the top of the eye. After applying the eye shadow powder to the inner corner of the eye, use the sponge stick to apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the upper eye Go to the edge of the eye and blur the boundary between “light” and “dark” so that the two shades are blended together.
The width of the “dark” eye shadow is generally based on the width of the double eyelids. The ideal situation is that when you open your eyes, the “halo” where the “light” and “dark” eye shadows blend together can be exposed. 2 —3 mm. So the best way to do this is to be able to open your eyes frequently while applying eye shadows to confirm.
For women with single eyelids and inner double eyelids, the width of the application is difficult to determine, so it is important to open your eyes to confirm while applying. The “halo” of the eyeshadow reduces the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows, making the eyes look deeper and more charming.
After applying the eyeshadow, you can pat it lightly with your fingertips to make it adhere more firmly. The main point is not to make people see a clear boundary between the “dark and light” two colors, so that the color of the eye shadow and the skin color are fully and naturally blended together, leaving no trace of the connection between the two colors. If you can reach this step, it means that you have mastered the essentials of good eye shadow.
How to draw eyeliner:
First of all, eyeliner is indeed a difficult technique, but it makes people give up and not paint, and they are uncomfortable, because drawing a good eyeliner can greatly change a person’s entire makeup.
Let me talk about the eyeliner first. The advantage is that it is better to grasp. One is that the pen tip is hard, easy to hold, not easy to smear, and easy to modify after it is broken. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof, and it is easy to become black. For eyeliner, the pen tip is usually soft and hard, with the advantages of waterproof, long-lasting, bright colors, and good-looking. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to master and difficult to draw. For the beginner mm, it is recommended to draw a shape with eyeliner first, and then trace it with eyeliner, it will be very good.
The drawing method of eyeliner and liquid eyeliner is that one eye is slightly closed (Of course, if you can close it completely, leave one eye open! Haha), then press the eyelashes of the closed eye with your left hand, and your right hand Take the eyeliner and draw a thin line according to the roots of the eyelashes. Draw a little bit first, because it is easy to modify, and you like thick ones, you can trace it over and over again. If the drawing is thick, it will not be easy to modify? Then open your eyes to see the effect. If you are good, draw another eye, or your right hand (except for the left-handed person). After everything is fine, close it and draw eyeliner. Do n’t rush to open your eyes The effect is to wait 30 seconds-1 minute, and then open your eyes to see the effect when it is completely dry. Do not open your eyes while drawing, otherwise it will be two eyeliners! It’s strange not to be a panda’s eye 🙂
If you still ca n’t draw a straight line with the pen, it ’s always uneven in thickness. Another way is, you first draw a point, that is, along the line at the base of the eyelashes, click a lot of dots, and then use the pen to make a line. Now, this is easy to control, and it will not draw a thick and thin section.
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