Beginner makeup essential knowledge and skills




First, makeup essential tools
1. Facial care: water (toning lotion, lotion, astringent water, mineral water… the following brackets are optional), lotion, essence, and cream;
2, make-up: makeup remover, BB cream, foundation, blush, concealer (pen), eye shadow (two or three colors: can be used with gradient), eyeliner (pen, liquid, glue), mascara (dense, long , generally choose thicker and more), eyebrows (pen, powder), lip gloss;
3, tools: powder cake, blush brush (large, medium, small), eyelash curler, eyebrow shaping knife;
Beginner makeup essential knowledge and skills

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Triple reading with map
Second, the basic steps of makeup
– Six steps to teach you to learn to paint basic makeup
Step 1: Facial bottoming
Wipe the skin care products first (in order: water – lotion – essence – cream). This is very important, the makeup before the makeup and the makeup will play very well, and the maintenance of the skin can not be ignored. ??
Step 2: Finishing color
If the skin color is uneven, first use the isolation color, then apply a thin layer of BB cream, pat, don’t use the wipe, then loosen the powder to fix the makeup. (Or directly on the foundation, the foundation is divided into liquid and powder. Choose the color of the foundation, depending on the individual skin color, it is recommended to try the counter on the counter. For the acne marks and stains that can’t be blocked, you can choose to use concealer on this basis. Product: It is recommended to use a concealer pen, which can be used at a glance, convenient and effective).
Step 3: Draw the basic makeup

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The first to draw the eyeliner, to be along the root of the eyelashes, according to your own eye shape what you want. Generally, the eyeliner is from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye. The two ends are thin, and the middle of the eyeball is appropriately widened to make the eye look more radiant. The lower eyeliner cannot be drawn too heavy. From the middle of the eye to the end of the eye, the line is soft and natural. For oily skin, do not choose eyeliner for eyeliner. If you want to lose makeup, you can choose eyeliner or eyeliner. When you are making it, you can make a little bit along the root of the eyelashes. Make it a little fine. After you describe it, look at your eyes from the mirror. If you feel bad, add it. It is not easy to be wrong.
The second painting eye shadow can be from the root of the eyelash to the gradient of the eyelid from deep to light, it will be more natural and not vulgar, and the words of work will be lighter. Black-gray brown eye shadow can also be used as an eyeliner, but it is on the top of the eyelashes until it is a softening eye, similar to the Korean drama star, other colors of eye shadow, you will not change the gradient at first. You can first make the color in the double eyelids slightly darker, the color on the double eyelids is slightly lighter, and then you can use the fingertips to faint, which is also natural.
The third application of eyelashes, mascara in the summer with waterproof oil, it is not easy to drop makeup, want to be thick and long, you must brush once and then brush again for a second time, so many more brushes just fine.
Fourth eyebrows, you can find the basic eyebrow shape of the professional in the barbershop or beauty shop, then you can trim yourself according to the eyebrow shape. The eyebrows can be thinned with eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, and mascara that is used up. If your eyebrows are thick, you don’t need to draw.
The fifth blush, use the blush brush to sweep diagonally, faint on the line, to be cute, just smile when the two muscles are round and round, and avoid drawing two big red faces.
The sixth lip gloss, the lip gloss on the lips will do, and the lipstick will look too bright.
Third, beginner makeup tips
– Four tips to teach you to paint job makeup
For women, a sophisticated job-seeking makeup will definitely give you an extra point in the interview. This is the advantage of make-up. It can be seen that ladies’ beauty has great benefits both in life and in the workplace. So how to paint a good job makeup? What are the correct makeup steps? In fact, the job application is similar to the transparent one. You only need to master the makeup skills of beginners.

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Beginner’s make-up skills
The foundation should be transparent to highlight the natural and intimate look. The color of the foundation should be chosen to be close to the color of the skin. Avoid choosing a color that is too white or too bright. It will give people a feeling of unnaturalness. Apply evenly. Don’t miss the small corners of the eyes, nose, hair, and mouth.
Beginner’s Makeup Tips II Makeup Colors Preferred Warm Tone

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It is recommended that you look for a makeup look that is best to choose warm colors such as orange and pink. Whether it is used in eye shadow lipstick or blush, it is quite outstanding. Apply a light orange-red blush to the edges of the cheekbones to make the outlines sharper, which can make people look very spiritual and help you win the most. Avoid using dark lines that are too personal.
Beginner’s Makeup Tips 3 Eyebrow Makeup and Lip Makeup Highlight Natural

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I want to leave a feeling of skill, generosity and freshness. The eyebrow type must be natural. After the eyebrows are cleaned and tidy, use a brow brush to stain the brown eyebrow powder.