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Hose is a kind of cosmetic packaging material which is widely used in cosmetic packaging, among which the products such as facial cleanser and cleanser are used most frequently. In addition, BB cream, gel and other kinds of skin care products are also used, now, cosmetics manufacturers will popularize the relevant knowledge of hose.

  1. Hoses are divided into single layer, double layer and five layer hoses, which are different in anti-pressure, anti-penetration and hand feeling. For example, the five layer tube consists of outer layer, inner layer, two adhesive layers and another barrier layer. Features: it has excellent gas barrier performance, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, and prevent the leakage of the aroma and effective ingredients of the contents at the same time.
  2. The process is divided into circular tube, Oval tube, flat tube and super flat tube. Compared with other tubes, flat tube and super flat tube are more complicated in process, which are also new types of tubes produced in recent years, so the price is relatively high.
  3. Flexible tube covers have various shapes, which are generally divided into flat head covers, round head covers, high covers, lift covers, ultra-flat covers, double-layer covers, spherical covers, lipstick covers and plastic covers, which can also be handled in various processes, gilding edge, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, oil injection, electroplating and so on, pointed mouth cover and lip balm cover are usually equipped with internal plug. Hose caps are injection molding products, and hoses are pull pipes. Most hose manufacturers themselves do not produce hose caps.
  4. The production cycle of hose is generally 15-20 days (from the confirmation of sample pipe). The order quantity of single product is 10 thousand-10 thousand, and the large scale manufacturers usually take as the minimum order quantity, if there are very few small manufacturers with many varieties, it is OK to order a single product with a minimum order quantity of. Few customers open moulds by themselves, and most of them are male moulds (a few special covers are private moulds) there is a deviation of ± 10% between the contract order quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry.
  5. There is a big difference in price between the quality of the hose and that of the manufacturer. The cost of plate making is usually 200-300 yuan in color, and the tube body can be multi-color printing and silk screen printing, some manufacturers have thermal transfer printing equipment and technology. Gold ironing and silver ironing are calculated according to the area unit price. The screen printing effect is better, the cost is more expensive and the manufacturers are less. Different manufacturers should be selected according to different levels of demands.
  6. Combination form:

A: Hose + outer cover/hose usually use PE plastic.

According to the thickness of the product, it can be divided into single-layer pipe (mostly adopted, with low cost) and double-layer pipe (with good sealing performance ). According to the shape of the product, it can be divided into round hose (mostly used, the cost is lower), flat hose is also called special-shaped tube (it needs secondary joint, the cost is higher ). The outer cover of the hose is usually equipped with a screwing cap (single layer and double layer, and the outer cover of double layer is mostly electroplating cover to increase the product level, which looks more beautiful, and the professional line mostly adopts a screwing cap) and an open cap.

  1. Manufacturing process:
    The body of the bottle: directly produce plastic products with added color. There are also transparent ones, which are rarely used.

Printing: screen printing (spot color, small and small color block, same as plastic bottle printing, need color matching, commonly used for professional line products) and offset printing (similar to paper printing, large color block and many colors, daily chemical products are commonly used .) There are also gold ironing and silver ironing.

Hose Introduction

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