Essential makeup for women



20-30-year-old women want more beautiful make-up, you can not take care of skincare as simple as in your teens, you can get thrushes. You have to get your makeup done, so some cosmetics are essential!
Conventional weapons:

Honey powder brush: a large cylindrical brush, the largest of many makeup brushes. Use it to dip the powder onto the face and swipe the powder evenly. The effect is softer and more natural than using a puff. It can be used to set makeup or brush excess powder, especially suitable for head, neck, shoulders, chest, back and other locations.

Blush brush: It is slightly smaller and flatter than the honey powder brush, and the top of the bristles is semi-circular.

Eyeshadow brush: a flat round head brush, there are different sizes, the former can be used to apply the base color, which can evenly apply the color at a time, covering the entire eye socket position; the latter can be carefully painted to make the landing point more accurate.

Eyebrow brush: Most of the brushes are made of nylon or rayon with a stiff brush. You can use the eyebrow brush to trim the eyebrows before trimming and thrushing. After the eyebrows, swipe the eyebrows in the direction of the eyebrows to make the eyebrow color uniform and natural.

Eyelash brushes: Some look like brushes that come with mascara, others are small combs. After applying the mascara, use it to brush away the mascara that sticks together to make the lashes look more neat.

Lip brush: The hair is hard and it is easier to control the drop point. Whether using lipstick or lip gloss, you can use lip brushes to draw detailed lines and modify the shape of lips. Even from an economic point of view, it is necessary to prepare more lip brushes. The lip brush can easily use the remaining lipstick in the lipstick tube, and it is not wasted at all; if there is no lip liner, it can also be used to draw lip lines; if there are several lipsticks, you can use the lip brush to bring out new colors Make your lip color unique. What’s more important is that using a lip brush to apply lipstick is more dexterous, and the color will be more uniform and detailed.

Professional Weapons

Eyeliner brush: It looks a bit similar to a lip brush, but the brush head is more delicate and the hair is softer. It is suitable for liquid eyeliner. The other kind of bristles are inclined and flattened. Will use eyebrow powder to draw eyeliner), easier to grasp.

Face contour brush: It is about the same size as a blush brush, but the brush head is 45 degrees and the bristles are thick.

Eye contour brush: The brush head is thicker and inclined, which is suitable for the eye socket and brow bone. It can make the eye contour more prominent and more three-dimensional.

Fan-shaped brush: The brush is fan-shaped and the hair is hard, so as to sweep away the excess eyeshadow powder and excess powder in other locations. This is a very popular makeup tool abroad. It can easily apply a thin layer of powder to exposed necks, shoulders, and chests. The ordinary sponge powder is often uneven, and you can use a large powder to sweep it. It’s much easier to do.

Skin care tools are essential

Maintenance Tips

Having a complete and advantageous set of makeup tools is important for makeup, but the maintenance of the tools cannot be ignored, because if the most advantageous tools are used improperly, their life will be shortened, so you should make good use of and take care of the makeup tools and do a good job Maintenance and cleaning.

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Sponge / velvet puff

It is recommended to use a professional cleaning solution. The sponge puff is cleaned every two to three days, and the velvet puff is cleaned every two weeks.

Cleaning steps:

Soak the puff first, then rub it on the sponge with soap.

Dip the sponge into the water, squeeze the foam with your hands, and repeat it several times.

Rinse with water, then absorb moisture with paper towels, and allow to air dry.

★ Makeup Brush

After each use, wipe off the residual cosmetics with a paper towel and wash it about once a month.

Cleaning steps:

Soak the makeup brush in clean water until it is completely wet.

Apply a special makeup brush cleaner to the makeup brush.

Then use your fingers to gently push outwards in the direction of the hair until the residue of the makeup brush is removed.

Wash with water.

Finally absorb excess water with a paper towel and air dry.
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