Essential oil bottle


glass essential oil bottle

1. Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and disadvantagesof glass bottles are the main packaging containers in food, medicine and chemical industries. They have good chemical stability; Easy to seal, good air                 tightness and transparency, and can be observed from the outside; Good storage performance; Smooth surface, easy to disinfect and sterilize; Beautiful appearance, the decoration is               rich and colorful; There are certain…

2. Energy saving and environmental protection
Energy saving and environmental protection methods for glass bottle production in the past ten years, the practice of this technological transformation in glass melting furnaces in                   various countries around the world shows that the whole oxygen combustion technology has low investment funds, low energy consumption, significant advantages such as low                         pollutant emission. In the United States and Europe, lightweight bottle & can is already the main product of glass container Bottle & can.

3.Glass bottles are relatively stable substances, which are not easy to react with essential oils. Like ordinary plastic bottles, including some kinds of plastic substances are harmful to                    human body. When using plastic bottles to hold essential oils, some harmful substances in them are easy to be precipitated. Once these substances are precipitated, they will easily                  occur with unstable essential oil molecules…

Because the essential oil has strong volatility, the essential oil is from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants, through steam distillation, extrusion, volatile aromatic                       substances extracted by cold immersion or solvent extraction. Therefore, the volatility of essential oil is very strong. Once it comes into contact with air, it will quickly volatilize. For                 this reason, essential oil must be filled in glass bottles.