Seven basic makeup steps that makeup novices must master


The superb makeup artists are all learned from novices. Today, let’s take a look at the most basic makeup steps, which will allow you to quickly learn basic makeup knowledge in the shortest possible time, so that you can also become the most beautiful woman with the highest rate of return.
1, lotion
A common lotion is enough for skin and moisturizing after washing your face.
2, foundation
If the skin is very good, you can also apply only the common moisturizing lotion, no need for foundation. The foundation is divided into two kinds of liquid foundation and powder. If it is a liquid foundation, use a finger to take a small amount and place it on the forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, chin, etc., and then gently push it evenly. If it is a powder cake, it is the easiest, as long as it is evenly puffed with a puff.

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3, thrush
The color of the eyebrow pencil should be chosen to be the closest to the color of the eyebrow. The Oriental is usually brown, brown or gray. When it is changed, it should be as light as possible. From the brow to the brow, the brow is best. From the bottom to the top, from the inside to the outside, the eyebrows should be taken over and avoided. The most important thing about thrush is experience, which has more natural skills.
4, eye shadow
The most common and simplest method: the same color with different depths and light colors, from the bottom to the top of the eyelid, from deep to shallow, can be used to create a deep-eyed effect. The eyes will look bigger at least 1/3, and they are very gods and bright.

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5, eyelashes
Before brushing the eyelashes, brush the eyelash curler and then brush it. The eyelashes should be clipped 3 times (do not pinch the eyelids when clamping): the first time the root is clamped; the middle of the second clamp is gently bent upwards; the third clamp is the end.
6, lip makeup
Generally, lip gloss can be used, and the color of lip gloss is best consistent with the theme color of the clothing.
7, blush
Choose a blush that is suitable for the color system, smile in the mirror, and the part of the cheekbones is the part that the blush can hit. When using it, the amount of blush is less and lighter; you can brush it several times until the effect is perfect.

Makeup: skillfully draw eye makeup to remove eye problems. Three eye types no longer have “trouble”

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First of all, no matter what the difference between the two eyes, there are three basic principles that must be kept in mind:
1. When adjusting makeup, it is natural to use the moderation of the two eyes (average value) instead of the more perfect eye.
2. Start with the eye you want to adjust, then adjust the two eyes.
3. Emphasize the effect of mascara, which can cause a visual illusion of makeup.
Makeup: skillful eye makeup to remove eye problems Three eye types no longer have “trouble” – Yang Nianwei – Yang Nianwei, super audiovisual information
Next, look at the various troubles of the eyes, how to make up?
Eye problems: the left and right eyelids are not as deep (the right eye has two deep eyelids)

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Makeup tips:
1. When the eye shadow of the upper eyelid is lighter, the eye shadow originally applied to the double eyelid wrinkles should exceed the double eyelid line, which can create a deeper double eyelid effect (Note: the gradation of the eye shadow, Highlight, etc. The same as when dressing in peacetime).
2. Next, lower the lower eyeliner of the lower eyelids. Generally, the lower eyeliner starts from the center of the black eyeball to the end of the eye, but the trick here is to start the eyeliner at half the white of the eye (ie, the lower eyeliner with the lighter eye of the double eyelid is shorter).
3. The lower eyeliner of the other eye starts from the bottom of the black eyeball to the end of the eye.
(Steps 2 and 3 are the most amazing parts. When you get here, you will find that the gap between the eyes seems to be getting smaller. I didn’t expect a small technique to make such a big visual effect.)
4. Finally, mascara. When the eyelashes are clipped, the eye with the lighter double eyelids should be clipped from the root of the eyelashes as if the eyelids were pulled up, that is, it is more curled than the normal one.
5. When applying mascara, the eye with a lighter double eyelid should pay special attention to the support of the root of the eyelash. Use mascara to fix the roots and eyelids of the lashes.
Eye problems: large and small eyes and small eye corners

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Makeup tips:
1. When the eye shadow is on the eye socket of the small eye, it is slightly higher to adjust the longitudinal length of the eye.
2. When the upper eyeliner of the small eye is on, the central part is slightly thicker, so that the longitudinal length of the eye looks longer.
3. The makeup of the big eyes is adjusted according to the balance with the small eyes. The eyeliner is slightly thinner than the small eye, and the height of the eye shadow is adjusted accordingly.
4. Then adjust the tail of the drooping eye with a black eyeliner. The length of the eyeliner is slightly longer than the normal eye.
5. At this point, look at the balance of the two eyes from the mirror. If the two eyes open, form a good balance, indicating OK.
6. Finally, apply mascara. The eyelashes in the central part of the small eye are particularly reinforced, which has the effect of making the eyes look larger.
Eye problems: the right eye is narrower, and the white eye under the black eye of the left eye is white (three white eyes) (the right eye is narrower and the left eye is white)
Makeup tips:
1. The eye shadows in the eyes of both eyes are dark, like eyeliner, colored in thin lines.
2. The upper eyeliner of the right eye is elongated at the end of the eye. Remember that the parallel lengthening can be done without lifting. It is more natural to use a brown eyeliner.
3. The eye line of the left eye of the three eyes is as close as possible to the eyeball under the black eyeball, visually dissolving the white space under the black eyeball.
4. The lower eyeliner of the right eye can be slightly filled with the gap between the eyelashes, and adjusted according to the balance of the left eye.