Analysis of common cosmetic ingredients, teach you to read the cosmetics manual



Moderator: The product is not suitable for us to experience and feel. Because everyone’s skin is still different. When it comes to plants, there are so many botanical ingredients that consumers may see. He also wants to know which one is right for me and which one is not for me. We don’t know what mainstream plant ingredients are in the market right now?
Director, International Medical Department, Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Song Ping

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Expert opinion: The most popular herbs, polar and sandy plant ingredients
Song Ping: These botanical ingredients that are more popular on the market are probably related to its fashion trends. At present, I am afraid that the most anti-aging and anti-oxidant additives that Mr. Zhang said just now, such as the most popular green tea extract on the market, including polyphenol extracts. There are also the following three types of plant skin care products on the market:
Herbs: These plants have fine molecules and are therefore highly permeable and easily absorbed. The more refined the herbal formula is, the safer it is. Even the color and aroma of the product come from the plant itself and does not contain any chemical ingredients.
Polar plants: such as olives, coconuts, etc. These fresh green plants that grow in harsh environments can grow in high temperature or cold for many years, and their resistance must be very strong. The extract can help the skin resist environmental damage.

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Sand plants: such as aloe vera, cactus and so on. Growing in a dry climate, the leaves are also succulent and succulent, with amazing water retention, often used to make high-moisturizing skin care products, even applied directly to moisturize the skin.
Zhang Yuxi: Olive polyphenols have been used in many recent brands.
Song Ping: Including grape polyphenols, there are also many manufacturers in use. Because grape polyphenols have great anti-aging ingredients. For example, in many whitening skin care products, there will be the essence of mulberry trees, there will be extracts of mulberry leaves and extracts of licorice, which have obvious whitening effects. For example, some anti-allergic, sensitive skin, such as chamomile, anti-inflammatory purslane, such as aloe vera, like this, it will have some plants added, it will achieve its certain effect.

Sohu woman chief beauty consultant Zhang Yuxi
Expert opinion: buy a trustworthy brand
Moderator: Usually there are plants added to the skin care products. He is not a pure plant, but the effect will be reflected in this product. We have also seen a lot. There have been many lawsuits and some other things that will discuss the ingredients of skin care products. In fact, some skin damage will be harmful to the skin. What are the ingredients of the wanted cosmetics that we know now? Tell us about it.

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Zhang Yuxi: Dangerous ingredients, in major international cosmetics companies, they will not do such dangerous things. Rather, the concentration of some dangerous operations will appear in brands that have no credit, or that are the brands that are made by their own processing plants. Those who are more worried, the only other one to worry about, maybe some of them think that I use pure or organic, it will be milder. But for example, there are some sensitive skin, you have some sensitive points, and you will not be allergic if you don’t see plants. For example, the concentration, the consumer wants to achieve rapid effect, he will ask for some high concentration, but he did not think of his skin tolerance, did not think that these concentrations are suitable for you to use. Because some high-concentration things still need to be handled by a professional doctor like Dr. Song. There was a classification before, like kojic acid, kojic acid caused a very big uproar two years ago. Because of fear, Japan and other countries, because kojic acid has been confirmed to have the ability to desalinate melanin, it is used by both European and American groups. However, there is a report that there is a fear of cancer, but the test is in mice. This incident caused panic in Japan. After the fall, more than a year later, the truth of kojic acid was finally cleared, and its carcinogenic crisis was ruled out. So now there are still Japanese brands that use kojic acid as the main ingredient, but nothing should be excessive, just enough. Cosmetics are things in the bottle, even if there are more ingredients, let us see, not necessarily understand. Not even some professional people can judge immediately, so I suggest using a trustworthy brand.
Moderator: I used to have a question when using cosmetics. I used a certain brand of cosmetics and used a lotion of a certain brand. When they are paired together, my skin will have a bit of tingling. What ingredients can’t be mixed together? What can be mixed together? In this regard, we can help us protect our skin and introduce it to everyone.
Song Ping: You said that this phenomenon often occurs when the skin is relatively thin and tender. Generally, our stratum corneum has enough resistance to irritation, but for some cosmetics, there are some cosmetics, although the ingredients are three. Kind, five, or even more, but if a cosmetic wants to be formed, he has dozens of ingredients in it. There are dozens of ingredients on your side, and there are dozens of ingredients on this side. When they mix and match, the chance of mutual infringement will be greater. In this case, your skin may be hurt.
Moderator: Can you give us a few examples, which ingredients can’t be matched together?
Song Ping: I think this is very difficult, and I have to look at specific issues. And there are different situations for different skin types.
Zhang Yuxi: But there are some conditions that can remind you that when you have acne or inflammation, you have to go to see Dr. Song. At this time, it is not suitable for strong acid, you should pay more attention, and acne, inflammation. It is not suitable for massage. When you have a small wound or acne condition on your face, you should pay special attention to it. Of course, you should pay attention to everything.
Moderator: We still have specific problems and specific operations. Now the ingredients of the major brands of skin care can still be trusted. We must use the brands we trust, don’t just use cheap, look for some small brands of products to use.

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Song Ping: I found that there are many big brands. He is very objective in applying what his skin care products are. What kind of reflection will happen, how do you do it, he is very clear and takes up a lot of space. When consumers look at this thing, it will cause a sub-reflection. I dare not use it. Looking for a small brand, there is only one explanation above, and when you say a big good word, it is actually possible that the difference in their quality is very large. So I think the big brands are still relatively safe.
Zhang Yuxi: He can’t afford any one of the grams, or he can’t stand the litigation of any product. Because they want to market a product or a component, the latter is a recipe that is not known for hundreds of millions of studies. If he would cause harm to the product because of this, the previous efforts are white, and he will face litigation later. But there are always inevitable accidents, misuse, or some skin is really not suitable. It’s not a big name to be safe, so you should choose a credible brand to reduce the risk of injury or allergies when you buy something, depending on your skin condition.

Moderator: Our cosmetics are divided into whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging. Is it true that when I want to whiten, can I use a series of my water, lotion, and essence for whitening or can I mix and match?
Sohu woman chief beauty consultant Zhang Yuxi
Expert opinion: specific analysis of specific problems of skin care products and mix–depending on personal skin quality
Song Ping: If a person has some problems with color spots, he may have wrinkles or dry problems at the same time. If we use one of a series, ignore other ones, when you use it for a while, you will not see a big improvement in your skin, so sometimes the all-round attack is better.

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Zhang Yuxi: Because this year’s whitening ingredients are also a cocktail formula, in addition to diluting the skin color, Japanese has only emphasized before. For example, Shiseido, what fruit I use, but Japanese is very popular cocktail formula. Shiseido discovered some whitening ingredients. He combined 4SMK, fruit and signature beauty ingredients over the years. This is also a cocktail process. In addition, one of the highlights of this year’s whitening products, we used to say that there is no black or white, this year has actually been used up, because this year’s whitening is about the health of the overall skin, if it ages, it will produce wrinkles on the face, this also It is not completely white. In addition, if the moisturizing is not done well, your face may feel very dull and rough, even if your face is white, but because of the roughness, the displayed color is gray and dark. In addition to whitening, you have to worry about other issues. It is not recommended that everyone use consistent whitening. Maybe when you are more mature, you can choose whitening-based ingredients. Other whitenings add anti-aging. If you are young, choose whitening as the main ingredient. The anti-inflammatory ingredients, so do a match, not everyone is the same.
Song Ping: So now everyone wants to fully maintain my face, I can take care of all aspects. And now there are some brands, they have now begun to try skin care formula, or skin care prescriptions, for example, my skin condition is not very clear, what should I use first, what to use, they can go to their own dermatologist The dermatologist will give you a kitchen based on the accuracy of your skin, such as acne skin, you should use moisturizer to control oil. Aging skin may be the same as moisturizing, plus whitening, plus anti-aging, lifting, etc., he will give you a perfect match. This is more for your skin.
Moderator: Individuals have a customized skin care solution that is a very good way. The topic we talked about today is really quite rich. The solutions to the ingredients, including how to use cosmetics, are all introduced to the netizens. Today, the two teachers have no reservations. Our visit today is very successful, thank you, thank you both!