Differences Between An Eyedropper And A Rubber Head Eyedropper



Different categories

Dropper: fat belly dropper and common dropper. Made of rubber nipples and pointed glass tubes.

Rubber head dropper: straight, straight with buffer ball and curved with buffer ball and other forms. The specification of glue head dropper is expressed by the length of the tube, commonly used for 90 mm, 100 mm 2 kinds. The glue head dropper was 0.05ml per drop.

Different USES

Dropper: take or add a small amount of reagent, and take the supernatant to separate the precipitate.

Gel-tipped dropper: an instrument used to extract or drip a small amount of liquid reagent.

pay attention to different use

Dropper: when adding, the dropper should be perpendicular to the top of the container, avoid tilting, do not stand upside down, do not extend into the inside of the container, do not touch the wall of the container. Except for absorbing solution, the tip should not touch other utensils to avoid contamination by impurities. Don’t do two things at once.

The ordinary dropper needs to be cleaned after use, while the special dropper cannot be cleaned. The special dropper needs to be put back to the original reagent bottle after use.

When using, don’t just use your thumb and index finger, but your middle and ring fingers.

Glue head dropper: hold the glass with middle finger and ring finger to maintain stability, squeeze glue head with thumb and index finger to control the inhalation or dropping of reagent. 2) when adding liquid, do not extend into the container, let alone touch the container. It should be suspended vertically at 0.5 cm above the container.