Composition of Foundation liquid and product efficacy From MEIYUN


The foundation liquid is one of the facial cosmetic cosmetics, showing the shape of powder in the form of oil (O/W) or oil in the form of water (W/O ), it is a kind of emulsion cosmetics added with powder, which is mainly made by using the feature of good compatibility between powder pigment and glycerin and water. The hue should be light flesh color or light Pearl hue with slightly wetted appearance. With the change of trend and different national habits, there are great differences in translucency, color depth and type, and other appearance characteristics. When it is not used, there will be sediment at the bottom, which is obviously divided into upper and lower layers. When it is used, it is OK to shake up, down, left and right. The Foundation liquid obtained by this formula is usually transparent, light and soft, good compliance with the skin; but there are also some shortcomings, and the concealer effect is poor, which can not be used for mixed skin.
It forms a smooth covering layer on the surface, which is used to cover or cover some facial defects, such as freckles, acne, scars, acne marks and so on. It can adjust the texture, color and gloss of the skin, and play the role of homogenizing the skin color, it makes the skin color look natural and appropriate, and also has the feeling of being smooth and tender, which has the characteristics of being easy to daub, being evenly distributed and having the natural appearance
Foundation liquid