Modern Lifestyles Impact Trends in Beauty Packaging from CN BEAUTY PACKAGING


We can analyzes the latest packaging trend from six core issues, “Time-Strapped”,“More Than Just Green”, “Picture-Perfect”, “Digitalization & Technology”, “Ultra-Customization”, “New Scent Rituals”.

First of all, “time strapped” means that with the acceleration of daily travel and the pace of life, portable products begin to prevail. With the increase of the demand of convenience consumers, cosmetics packaging that cater to this trend is also evolving.

The first key word is “travel friendly”. The representative products reflecting this trend are Geka’s Mini essentials and Mac’s “little Mac” and other products.

The second and third keywords are “on the go convenience” and “ultra slim”. The representative products include beauty pouch and powder spray of Quadpack, which are small and light simple products.

“More than just green” is popular all over the world with healthy life and consumption, and packaging also pursues the environmental friendly trend. Eco lips, switch fresh,  and other product containers are very simple, and 100% can be recycled. The differentiated environmental protection process has attracted attention

“Picture perfect” simply means that the container is very photogenic.Beauty bloggers have absolute influence now. The content they upload through social networks or YouTube can even determine the success or failure of the product, especially the more special the container packaging of the makeup product, the higher the probability of Chen Gong.”

In addition, digital technology has a great impact on cosmetics containers. The keywords of “digital technology” include “smart at home”, “beauty tracking”, “connected packaging”, etc. the aromatherapy and skin tester connected with mobile phones are representative examples. Consumers can mix and match various fragrances through mobile app, and the innovation of products attracts attention.

As the name implies, “ultra customization” is to make customization to the extreme. This trend has also become a new form of luxury, that is, the traditional luxury concept of customized products for customers is revived again. The main representative products are neomix of aptar, bold bad last Mascara of MAC, etc.

Finally, the meaning of “New Scent Rituals” is that the container packaging of perfume has also begun to innovate. The examples are Jo Loves’s “Perfume PaintBrush”, Derek Lam’s “10 Crosby Perfume Perfume”.

Modern Lifestyles Impact Trends