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With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for beauty is also increasing day by day. Walking in the streets and alleys, you will unintentionally find more shops selling cosmetics, with an assortment of goods, and the enthusiasts of the shop are enthusiastic, and are familiar with beauty knowledge. In the face of such a stylish and profitable business, many people want to try it, so how to open a cosmetics store? What should I have to open a cosmetics shop? What are you paying attention to? How to run it? In fact, it is not easy to make a cosmetics specialty store, and it is difficult to explain everything. Every successful store has its own way of success. The author summarizes the experience of some successful shoppers. In conclusion, I hope to give some inspiration to friends who are operating and preparing to open a store.

Opening a shop to make money is the purpose of each of our bosses, but in the process of opening a shop, we are eager to make money quickly, ignoring many important links and elements of opening a shop. When opening a shop, the passion seems to be regrettable. As long as you can grasp the key factors, you can make a good store. These three factors are: site selection, purchase, development and management of customers.

Step 1: Site selection.

According to the steps, the first step is to choose the location of the store. The location of the store is very important. Bingfayun: The victory of the soldiers, the help of the ground, and the importance of geographical location. Some people say that the location of the store determines about 50% of the turnover, which makes sense. In the industry, there is a saying that the three cities are one step behind, and even if they are almost in the same location, the store is one step behind, but the business is much worse. This shows how important it is to choose a location for opening a store. The location of a store is generally determined based on the location of the store and the consumer groups it faces. If you want to operate a high-priced brand, cosmetics that are mainly targeted at young white-collar workers should be selected in areas where women have a higher level of consumption, such as boutique clothing stores, jewelry stores, and high-end office buildings. If they are medium-priced, target young people. A family of cosmetics should choose the busy streets near KFC, McDonald’s or colleges. What’s more important to consider is your own level of management, experience, and funds. Prices in different locations will be very different.

Cosmetics stores are generally divided into these types according to the environment in which they are located.

1 Dependent Store or Shop-in-Shop: The most typical are KFC McDonald’s and Watsons. Its stores are generally opened next to or inside supermarkets and large supermarkets with a large number of people. It is also attached to large supermarkets to bring customers to it, as well as cosmetics stores. Dependent stores have the advantages of concentrated customer sources and relatively stable turnover. However, expenses such as rent may lead to high operating costs. Such stores have high requirements on the level of influence on the operation level and brand, and the professional level of salespersons. Operators must have a certain experience and capital foundation to open the store in such a place, otherwise they are very tired and generally not suitable. Newcomers enter. But the advantages are also very obvious. Generally, there will not be a problem of insufficient passenger flow. As long as a large number of passengers can be intercepted in their own stores, there will not be a big problem in survival.

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2 Shopping District Boutiques: This type of store is located in a relatively prosperous downtown area. It is located in shopping streets and pedestrian streets that are now many ten miles high. It may be far away from large supermarkets, but the flow of people is relatively large. This kind of business district may not be a category in the city, but it will also attract some consumers. Most cosmetics specialty stores are located in this type of business district. In this type of store, the store is required to have a good image, a strong terminal brand, a good marketing plan and promotion, and a good differentiated service, so that customers can remember, but not As for being drowned in other cosmetics shops.

3 Serving community stores: As the urban area is gradually expanding and there are more and more communities, it is also a good choice to open a store in the community. Community stores will have good development prospects. Such stores generally have relatively small passenger flow, but the rents will be very low. They are mainly for customers in the community. As long as they do a good job, they will form a good reputation. Community-based cosmetics stores General business benefits are relatively stable.

Our boss can choose the store location according to his actual situation. Once the store location is selected, it lays the foundation for a successful business.

Step 2: Purchase.

In general cosmetics stores, the supply of goods is not a problem. As long as you find a good store and put up a signboard, the manufacturers of delivery will break your threshold. What brand and product to choose is the biggest problem. This depends on the location, image design, and positioning of the store. After our long-term observation, the brand structure of the big stores with better business is basically the image brand accounts for 40%. The image brand is a brand-name product, such as L’Oreal Paris, Yuxi, Maybelline, Magnolia oil, etc. Consumers can Purchased by name, such a brand can attract popularity in the store, but the price is transparent and the profit is relatively low. 60% of terminal brands. Most of the terminal brands are non-well-known brands or not well-known, such as Nature Hall, Osman, Poreal, Yalijie, etc. These brands have regional restrictions. The price in this region is fixed, basically It is an exclusive monopoly. Consumers will not know much about the price. Because it is a monopoly, the price is not comparable to other points of sale, so the profit is relatively high. For the general overall layout, cosmetics and makeup make up about 50% of the area, washing supplies, daily necessities, women’s and children’s and paper, and other 50% of the area, or the area of ​​washing supplies is slightly larger. For general well-known brands, in most cases, specialty stores will not actively recommend, but only recommend terminal brands with high profits. Therefore, the purpose of the specialty store is to guide the customers of the consumer brand to the terminal brand to obtain higher profits. This is why the customers came in and asked for Olay and the owner introduced them to other brands. For specialty stores, you can’t live without brand-name products. Without them, you may not be able to attract customers, but not too many. After all, opening a store is a profit. In terms of purchase, the choice of brand name is relatively simple. Depending on the size of the store, some well-known continental products can be put on the market. Although they occupy funds, they will not have a big problem in terms of sales. But for the terminal products, it is the root of the store’s survival, so we must be cautious when choosing a brand. Here we will introduce it specifically. Terminal brands should pay attention to the following points:

First, choose qualified and regular brands. First of all, it is legal, and the licenses are complete, otherwise it is not worth considering, and then its product culture, brand background, packaging design, price positioning, concept appeal and the selection of marketing channels are complete and coordinated, without confusion. Not contradictory. For example, some products are under the banner of foreign brands and at the same time claim to be Hanfang brands. Such brands are often nondescript and contradictory, making it difficult for consumers to accept them.

Second, choose brands or new products that have large-scale market investment or focus on development by well-known enterprises. Because cooperating with such a brand will get greater support in terms of market operation and support. After all, they have relatively mature marketing experience and the ability to assume market responsibilities, which can reduce risks, especially for dealers who just started. Follow the more powerful manufacturers, the smaller the profit, the risk will naturally be smaller. As the saying goes, leaning against a tree is a great way to enjoy the cool.

Third, we must grasp the response of other regional markets to your chosen brand. This includes dealers’ and colleagues’ reflections on manufacturers and products and consumers’ reflections on product quality. To choose a brand, it is best to go to the place where the product is sold, and listen to the opinions of bosses and consumers in other places, and you will have an objective understanding of the brand. This also requires its own analysis. After all, it is not the same place, and there will be certain regional differences. But no matter what, a brand has been in operation for a while, and even a decent market has not been done. Then the hope of this brand being good is very slim, and it will be very tired and difficult to do well.

Fourth, ordinary manufacturers will not directly cooperate with specialty stores, and are operated by agents. This requires that we fully understand the agent’s sales policy and marketing ideas, and see if his entire market operation plan is detailed and complete. , Objective and practical, strong operability; whether there is strong market support (personnel, planning, materials, advertising, etc.); whether the brand of the terminal has strict regional protection and good service (timely delivery and exchange of goods);

Fifth, we must be vigilant. It is not uncommon for companies to borrow products to engage in fraud in the market. There are many manufacturers and cosmetics companies that have poor reputation, poor market operation ability, and short-term success. They only want to make money and do not want to be in the market for a long time. They will incur a serious loss if they are not careful. In the long-term lobbying process, the business personnel of many manufacturers have trained three-inch non-rotten tongues, and they often talk wildly and exaggeratedly, so you should keep your eyes open when choosing a brand. Through various channels to understand the strength of manufacturers’ agents and industry credibility, and maintain their own understanding of the product or market, grasp the mentality, not to be dazzled by the so-called profiteering money scene.

The third step: develop and manage members.

Customers are God. Customers are the foundation and sole factor for the survival and development of the specialty store. The survival of the store is whether the store can hold the customer. So how to fight for new customers to retain the old customer room, the main fundamental problem facing each cosmetics store. That is to develop and manage customers. In the end, managing customers is to turn customers into members of their own stores. The entire business process of the store is a process of turning customers into customers, turning customers into mature customers, and turning customers into members. A store only has a large number of loyal members In order to truly survive and develop.

Attach importance to development

In general, the cost of developing a new customer is 3–5 times that of maintaining an old customer, so developing a new customer is first and difficult. Member development can be carried out through various activities, such as how many customers are slow to consume products at one time, or customers who spend a certain amount within a certain period, etc., to develop different target consumer groups according to different regions, or according to the different needs of customers For the development, the larger the customer base, the more the number of members will become members, laying a good foundation for the selection and management of members.

Create Member Profile

The establishment of a member profile is the first step in member management, which facilitates tracking services, understands member information, and prevents loss. When establishing a member profile, effective classification should be performed according to the customer’s age, gender, and income. Old customers and new customers should be distinguished, and phone tracking, interactive communication based on the length of time to join the club, close the distance between the store and members. Completely establish weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual service standards, such as regular members ‘gifts or membership networking activities, to increase members’ recognition of cosmetics stores; regular customer communication, adjustment of sales focus and promotional offers Policies to increase members ’chances of returning to the store.

Develop tracking services

区分 After distinguishing members, it is necessary to formulate different policies to track the different consumption habits and levels of members. A brand in Shanghai pioneered the first 333-style service, that is, after the customer first purchased a product in a cosmetics store, he followed the phone after 3 days and asked the customer if he had any questions about the use of the product and whether there was any use. This would increase the number of customers. A good impression on the cosmetics store lays the foundation for becoming a member. Follow up again after 3 weeks. At this time, the customer has been using the product for more than half a month, and the product will have a certain feeling. At this time, you should ask about the use of the product, answer some beauty knowledge to the customer, and invite customers to the makeup shop , Enjoy some other after-sales service, you can tell the store to prepare a gift specially for her, let her come to pick it up at a certain time, increasing the chance of re-sale. After 3 months, call the customer again to ask if the product has run out, and inform them of any recent activities in the store. You can also use a little tricks, such as telling her that she is the only lucky customer in the store this month and will get Gifts and more. At this point, the customer ’s product has almost been used up, and the probability of buying has increased greatly.

Communicate and interact with members.

The management of members is not only to dominate the customers as customers, but also to establish a deep communication mode, so that members have the opportunity to participate in store activities and channels to express their needs and wishes. Members A monthly magazine is a better way. Through the monthly magazine, you can not only introduce products and activities, but also publish some letters and photos from members to mobilize the enthusiasm of members to participate, increase their sense of belonging, and cultivate loyalty. In addition, pay attention to details when communicating with members. The detailed handling of communication plays an important role in the maintenance of members. Taking a telephone return visit as an example, the calling time should be 11-12 a.m. or 4–5 p.m. because this time Duan work is usually not too busy. Pay attention to your tone when you call, and maintain a kind feeling while being polite. At the same time, the return visit should not take too long, it can be mastered in 3 minutes, and finally make a record of return visits.

There are a lot of requirements for a well-established store. In the process of operation, there will be more business strategies and skills. I look forward to your discovery and exploration.
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