Nozzle, lotion pump, hand washing pump and length measurement



  1. Sprinkler head:

bayonet (half bayonet aluminum, full bayonet aluminum), the screw is all plastic, but some are covered with a layer of aluminum cover and a layer of anodized aluminum.

  1. Lotion pump:

It is divided into vacuum and suction tube, both of which are screw ports. The screw cap and head cap can also be covered with a layer of anodized aluminum. Divided into two kinds of sharp bill and duck bill.

  1. Hand-washing pump:

The diameter is too large, all with screw mouth. The screw cap and head cap can also be covered with a layer of anodized aluminum. Generally, steps are threaded, and those without steps are left and right knobs. Length measurement: the length of the sub-pipette (from the gasket to the end of the hose or the length of the FBOG). Exposed length. And the length measured under the big hood (equal to the length from the bottle shoulder to the bottle bottom). Specification classification: It mainly depends on the product inner diameter (the inner diameter is the innermost diameter of the pump) or the height of the large circle. Nozzle: 15/18/20 MM full plastic is also divided into 18/20/24 Lotion pump: 18/20/24 MM Hand washing pump: 24/28/32(33) MM Large circle height: 400/410/415 (only The simple specification code is not the actual height) Note: The expression of specification classification is such as: Lotion pump: 24/415 Measurement measurement method: (actually the liquid dose discharged from the nozzle) There are two methods: peeling measurement method and absolute value measurement method . The error is within 0.02g. The size of the pump body is also used to distinguish the measurement.