How do you use a beauty pencil?


beauty pencil

Step 1: take out the tooth white pen directly rub test tooth surface, so that one by one teeth decolorization, until the teeth stains wipe clean. Step 2: tetracycline teeth, stubborn teeth stains repeated brush, teeth more bright white.

Step 3: But experts remind, whitening pen can not be used for a long time. Tooth whitening pen is mainly used for tooth whitening. It contains phytic acid, glycerin, Sodium Citrate, mint, Syzygium aromaticum and so on. It is simple and easy to carry, but it is easy to cause dependence, and long-term use of teeth whitening pen on the tooth damage is very big.

The technique is to brush your teeth and then dry the surface of your teeth. I use a cotton tissue or a moistened paper towel to wipe the surface of your teeth. Then I just apply the brush to the surface of your teeth. Remember to hold your mouth open for 2 minutes, after it has coagulated, you can rinse your mouth. It’s a very simple action. You need to refuel and don’t close it. I usually do it once a day. That is, after brushing my teeth before going to bed, I will do it. This step is just right. I can see the obvious effect after using this one for three days, maybe twice a day will work faster. Finally, I suggest a little trick that I’ve come up with. That is, I suggest that you buy a mouth expander. It will be much easier, because if you hold it open for two minutes, your mouth will get sore and you’ll be tired, it’s also easy to close your mouth, you can easily close your mouth with a mouth opener for two minutes.