Fruit on Christmas Eve FROM MEIYUN


The custom of Christmas Eve gradually spread into China. The day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve. Before Christmas Eve, a gift called “peace fruit” began to be quietly delivered in people’s hands.

It is understood that “Ping’an fruit” is made up of imported apples with bright colors and good-looking appearance, most of which are red snake fruit and green snake fruit. Of course, domestic Red Fuji apples are also packaged as “Ping’an fruit”. It is said that “Pingan fruit” symbolizes peace and peace. The reason why “apple” is regarded as the first choice of “Pingan fruit” is that it takes the pronunciation of “apple”.

It is said that the fruit merchants dress up “Pingan fruit” inspired by young people. At first, some young people bought one or two imported apples, then took them to the gift shop to pack them and prepared to give them to their good friends on Christmas Eve. This “business opportunity” was immediately captured by smart businessmen.

Many teenagers are interested in this new thing. They all think it’s worth 5 yuan to give a gift with the meaning of “peace” to their friends. It seems that Christmas Eve is quietly delivering the “peace fruit” in people’s hands, but also delivering a good blessing.

However, it is said that the custom of delivering the fruit on Christmas Eve is unique to China. Because Chinese people pay more attention to homophony, such as the wedding night, put peanut red dates and lotus seeds under the quilt, which means “early (date) birth of a baby”. Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas, Christmas is December 25, and Christmas Eve is December 24. Apple’s “apple” and Ping’an’s “Ping” are homonymous, so Chinese people use the auspicious meaning of Apple’s “Ping’an”. So there was the custom of sending apples on Christmas Eve. To send Apple represents to send blessing to those who receive the fruit of peace in the new year.

Fruit on Christmas Eve

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