Don’t ignore the role of cotton pads



Many beauty ratios are complaining that the use of lotion is ineffective. Many of these situations are patted by hand. When I introduced the lotion before, I introduced the lotion in the use of the lotion, and it is generally not recommended to pat by hand. Because the palm skin has a layer called “transparent layer”, it will be absorbed quickly when it touches the water. If you put the lotion into the palm, it will be absorbed by the hand before half of the face is massaged. So it is recommended to use with cotton pads. So let’s talk about cotton pads today.

The role of cotton pads

Cotton pads can prevent bacterial infections

The cotton pad can effectively avoid cross infection of bacteria on the face. This is because after washing the hands, a small amount of bacteria will still remain. Most of the cotton pads are sterilized. Therefore, the cotton pads should be properly stored and properly Using cotton pads can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection caused by skin contact.

Cotton pad helps deep cleansing of toner

The cotton pad can deeply clean the skin when using toner or toner, effectively removing the residue of the facial cleanser that is not washed out during cleansing. Prevent residues from harming the skin, which is difficult to do directly with your hands.

Cotton pads can avoid dead spots on application

When using a cotton pad to apply skin care products to the skin, it can effectively avoid the application of dead spots and prevent the skin care products from reducing the effect of nourishing the skin. It is difficult for the hands to face the skin without dead spots of skin care.

Cotton pads prevent excessive use of skin care products

When using special skin care products such as freckle and acne on the skin, the cotton pad can not only be applied in a focused manner, but it will not affect the normal use of other skin care products.

Correct use of cotton pads

After tearing off the cotton pad, it can be used as a simple mask on the face. Generally, 5mm thick absorbent cotton can tear 5-6 sheets. When using a combination of degreasing cotton pads and lotions, the wetness of the cotton pads only needs to feel a little sticky to your hands, and you don’t need to be too moist to avoid uncontrollable dosage.

Don’t wipe with strong force when applying on the face. Press the skin lightly for about 15-20 seconds to ensure that the cuticles are softened and moist.

Recommended cotton pads


1 You Ni Jia Super Absorbing Super Water Saving 1/2 Cleansing Cotton Pad

Japan’s COSME Awards first in cotton category! The best cotton pad to use ~ just use 1/2 of the lotion is amazing cotton pad. Japan’s 10 consecutive years of sales of NO.1 Unicharm cotton pad without leaving cotton, using natural cotton ingredients, after high temperature disinfection, the franchise method does not contain a variety of fluorescent agents and additives. It is particularly effective in getting close to the skin, completely removing the mask and makeup, and the texture is particularly soft and smooth, leaving no residue after use. While cleansing the skin, it locks the skin’s moisture and achieves a moisturizing effect. After use, the skin is delicate and smooth without being taut.

With the high-end lotion at home, it is no longer painful to use! Make the effect of lotion more effective! It can be cut into 2 small pieces each time. You can always make your skin feel watery as long as you only need one half of the lotion!

100% use! !! Stop wasting your lotion! Even a very small amount of lotion can completely penetrate your skin!

2MUJI cotton pads

Made of 100% natural long fiber primary color cotton, it looks a little dirty because it has not been bleached and has no irritation to the skin. It is especially recommended for sensitive skin. It is very soft and has a good touch. After soaking in lotion, it can be peeled into several layers. Large-sized face-type cotton pads can be torn into four sheets and used as a mask after tapping the toner.

3IPSA Infusa Silky Cotton Pad

The well-known IPSA cotton pads have been used well, so there is no need to say more. The materials are excellent, the water absorption is strong, the touch is soft and comfortable, and they will not lose any dandruff. They can be used when tapping lotion or wet compress, and use cotton pads Applying ipsa’s beautifying water to the eyes or local dry parts is especially effective. Use it to wipe the self-discipline fluid is very permeable. Anyway, you know how great it is.

4ALBION Super Soft Cotton Pad

Massage pad specially designed for osmotic milk. Massage cotton pads with osmotic milk can gently metabolize old and dead horny skin, and increase the brightness after use. Beauticians always require the use of albion’s special cotton pads to rub the milk. Indeed, albion’s cotton pads are thicker and softer than ordinary domestic cotton pads, and there is almost no friction on the face. The cotton pad is easy to handle and the texture of the cotton pad is very fine. When rubbing the lotion, it can take away the old waste cuticle that stays on the epidermis.

Put your index and ring fingers on the cotton pad and hold it down

Middle finger is under the cotton pad, holding the middle position of the cotton pad

Squeeze 2-3 pumps of lotion in the middle of a cotton pad

Then use this gesture to massage, just use the middle of the fixed cotton pad

In this way, absolutely no cotton wool will be dropped.

5CPB key to skin

Even if it is expensive, even if it is expensive, there are a variety of cotton pad choices, it is still standing upright and prestigious. All use ultra-long microfiber cotton. Super long, can ensure better absorption of lotion; super fine, very silky and delicate, with your own water mill and lotion can better remove horny and conditioning texture. Use with lotion to penetrate skin care ingredients better. CPB’s cotton pads are the best among cotton pads in terms of skin-friendly softness (baby can also use it, imaginable softness) and required water release ability. In addition to being expensive, there are basically no disadvantages Up ~

6Shiseido Hand Picking Super Cotton

Shiseido cotton pads use 100% delicate hand-picked high-grade cotton, which can touch every inch of skin texture. Penetrates into the skin more evenly and evenly than when applied by hand. When using, please rub the skin gently to apply. Bring the effective ingredients of lotion and lotion into the stratum corneum, and give full play to its effect! And its cotton pads are very absorbent

custom shape comsmetic travel kit

7 Lili Bell Cotton

This is a cotton pad recently used by Qiqi, which is not easy to fluff, no dandruff, no deformation, easy to control the amount of lotion, and can take away the old and dead cells on the skin surface. This type of cotton pad is also very water-saving, but seven or seven people feel that it is not as easy to use and not as soft as You Nijia’s cotton pad.

8THE GINZA Silk Cotton Pad

The top three types of Japanese cotton are selected, and natural silk is added, which is suitable for basic makeup and daily maintenance procedures. The packaging is very simple and top quality. I used to think that CPB’s cotton pads were perfect, but I found that I was wrong. The price is one cent, and THEGINZA is invincible. The pink cotton pads from THE GINZA are really easy to use! No dross at all! One pack of 60 tablets is too fast to use, and often has to be stocked. When buying, you need to be careful not to buy the wrong one. It comes in two models. The light pink one is used for lotion and does not lose slag. There is also a white one that is dedicated to exfoliation and will drop dregs. If you find it difficult to use, 80% of you have bought fakes.

9Selena Maru three cotton pads

Cotton is superior in quality, soft and skin-friendly, non-irritating, strong and tough, not easy to be deformed and embossed. It has good water absorption, relatively uniform liquid diffusion, and excellent water release, bringing you a flawless cotton care experience! A piece of Selena cotton pad can be disassembled in 5 layers. It is perfect for applying water. A thin layer is suitable and does not waste beauty’s lotion. It can also be used to remove makeup without pulling the fragile eye skin. , One piece is enough to unload the whole face!

10putt cotton pad

PUTT cotton pads are mainly natural cotton pads, made of high-quality cotton without pesticides, without any bleaching. It is odorless, cotton color, especially soft, and sensitive skin is definitely suitable for makeup, slap, toner and lotion. One piece can be used in many layers. If you use it, it will feel great after applying toner, because it’s extended. The sex is very good, you can pull the face to the length you want and there is absolutely no problem. It is used to make lotion, it does not waste water at all, it is super water-saving. The makeup remover is very soft and does not rub against the face and feels uncomfortable. Real industry conscience ~

11cosme frog cotton pad

Officially produced by COSME, the soft and comfortable texture is made of 100% cotton from Kagoshima. It has no added and no bleaching, is healthy and at ease, and gently cares for the skin. Meet every need of your skin care! Remove makeup and exfoliate! The make-up after wet can fit tightly to the skin, but it will not burden the skin, so choosing a cotton pad for skin care is a very good choice. You can DIY the mask, moisten all the cotton pads, and then apply them on the face in sequence, which is equivalent to making a water film.

Criteria for distinguishing the quality of cotton pads:

1. High-quality cotton pads need to have excellent water absorption capacity and will not drip at all.
2. It also needs to have strong water release ability, and not leave any cotton wool after use.

In fact, although the cosmetics are important, the assistance of cosmetics is still very important. Especially the small stuff like cotton pads plays a more important role than we think. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to wipe the lotion by hand, but to use makeup cotton. Recently, many Americans are asking Qiqi on how to buy reliable products. Qiqi intends to organize regular group purchases for everyone to see if you have no intention. Help me fill out the questionnaire below!
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