Advantages of Carton Packaging


carton packaging

Basic knowledge of packaging box printing:

1. Generally, paper printing is divided into four-color printing, black and white printing, spot color printing, and more than four-color printing are multi-color printing.
2. Printing patterns and characters on some products or metals can be divided into screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, flexographic printing, etc.
3. Traditional printing plate making is to make graphic information into film. Now basically, CTP plate making is used. There is no need to make film. The development pace and changes of the market are getting faster and faster. Food packaging has become a big change in printing technology.

Material advantages of carton:

1. Kraft paper
Kraft paper is tough and inexpensive, with folding resistance and water resistance. Generally used to make shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, etc.
2. Coated paper
Coated paper is mainly made of wood, cotton fiber and other raw materials, which are divided into two types: single copper and double copper. Suitable for colorful printing, food custom carton manufacturers, with bright colors and colorful layers after printing.
3. White board paper
Whiteboard paper is hard and thick, with good standing strength, surface strength, folding resistance, printing adaptability, suitable for packing boxes, lining boards, etc.
4. Corrugated paper
Corrugated paper has the advantages of light and strong, strong load and pressure resistance, shockproof, moisture proof and so on, and the cost is low.