UPG Fine Mist Spray Bottle



  1. Material:It is made of   PETG material.

 No harmful substance,no odor,leakproof and recyclable,Environmental-freindly


  1. Simple, Lightness,Portable,Durable, BAP-free,convenient. Suitable for carrying to airplane.


  1. Colorful,such as clear,clear pink,clear blue,clear green,clear yellow,black etc.moreover your logo can be printed on the body


  1. Capacity:30ml 60ml 80ml 100ml


  1. Two pump heads are available. Lotion cream pump suitable for filling viscous or paste liquid.


  1. Unique design


  1. Spiral bottle mouth,sealed well.Rotate upside down,without leakage of liquid.


  1. Transparent Dustproof cap,exquisite and good feeling


  1. Its refillable,light weight and comes in a convenient size to put into your backpacks,makeup bag or purse.


Multiples uses: Perfect for hair spray,skincare water,perfumes,floral waters,insect repellent,air fresheners,cleaning sprays and aromatherapy and other liquid spray mist shape water.