Aluminum Bottle


Background technology:

At present, the market on a large scale for beverage cans, but can the open positions in the process of storage and transportation are easy to be polluted, there is the food hygiene safety hidden trouble, and unable to realize again sealing, easy to cause the bottle beverage pollution, at the same time when the time did not drink so troublesome to carry, can only be discarded, usually resulting in waste.

For this reason, in Japan and South Korea, aluminum bottles and cans have been widely used in beverage packaging instead of pop cans. These thin-walled aluminum bottles and cans are generally made by daiwa, UCC and takechi stamping companies. The aluminum cans and cans are sealed with disposable metal threaded caps with plastic pads inside. This sealing method is not reliable for products requiring high temperature disinfection. At the same time, users are worried about hand scratches when opening. Besides, the shoulder surface of the bottle is flat or curved, which expands outward.

Technical implementation elements:

In order to solve the above technical problems existing in the existing technology, the utility model provides an aluminum bottle and tank with novel structure which has the advantages of easy to pull can, meets the requirements of high temperature disinfection, and guarantees the sanitary safety of bottle mouth and easy to pull lid in the process of storage and transportation.

The technical solution adopted by the utility model to solve existing technical problems is as follows:

The invention relates to an aluminum bottle and can with novel structure, which comprises a bottle body, an inner sealing cover and an outer sealing cover; Among them, the bottle body is aluminum bottle and the inner sealing cover is easy to pull cover. The easy to pull cover covers the bottle mouth of the bottle body, and the circumferential edge is sealed and connected with the circumferential edge of the bottle mouth. The outer sealing cover is a disposable screw cap, and the edge surface of the bottle mouth of the bottle body is provided with external threads. The screw cap covers the bottle mouth and easy to pull cover, and is connected with the external thread sealing.

Furthermore, the bottle mouth and external screw thread are pressed and formed with the bottle body, and the easy pull cap is connected with the bottle mouth winding seal of the bottle body.

Further, the threaded cover is a plastic cover or a metal cover.

Further, the bottle body is composed of a one-piece bottle body and a bottle shoulder, and the surface of the bottle shoulder is a concave and curved curved surface.