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Make-up bottles can be turned into small groceries
Many people are beautifully and impulsively purchased by the bottle of cosmetics. It is a pity to throw away the used bottle and can share some small ideas of life, turn the bottle of cosmetics into a practical small groceries, keep the beautiful bottle and increase the storage. Features.

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CASE1: Wide mouth small bottle can / small storage bottle
Special care creams in cosmetics are mostly packaged in such glass-made short bottles. The price of a small can is not cheap. It can repair and moisturize your skin, making people youthful and young.
But ah! Remind you that after using the skin care products, don’t rush to throw away the remaining empty cans. Although small, it must be very useful. Use it to hold small buttons and small beads, just right!
CASE2: small bottle can / bright small insert
Eyebrow pencils, lip pencils, and clips are all short-sized cosmetics. Often we use chicken essence bottles or small cups, and even insert them with empty cylinders.
The used cosmetic bottles and jars, if used to insert these eyebrow pencils, clips, small scissors, etc., are the most suitable, and the texture is excellent, and they are not lost to the chicken essence bottle and the negative film box.

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CASE3: short round cans and lids
The hemp rope is used to wrap the bottle, and then the two small bottles are tied up one by one. The bottle is filled with water, and the ivy is inserted into the window, which becomes a cute little vase. The twine and the glass bottle are combined to have a natural and simple flavor, but the glass bottle itself is also soft and crystal-clear.

CASE4: Wide mouth short bottle jar / glare dream cell phone holder
so perfect! Purple bottle can be equipped with this Q phone, this is not a showcase for selling mobile phones! Cream jars of this type have wide and thick bottle bottoms. When used, the phone holder is very stable. You can put a little cotton in the bottle to prevent the collision between the phone and the bottom of the bottle. The cotton is stained with perfume or essence. Placed on the table became a cool and cool mobile phone holder.

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CASE5: short round bottle and lid / small ingenious candle holder
What if the small candle that is lit is very bad? Just look for a wide round container to hold it, and this purple empty bottle can just be placed in a small round candle; first put the candle in a shallow bottle or lid, then light the candle, you are not afraid to burn it. The small bottle lid, a lot of magic, really can not be ignored!
CASE6: Matching round can lid with chicken cap

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In recent years, I have blown a line of incense from Japan, and I have sold a lot of incense in major department stores or boutiques. I want to buy a small bag and go home to try it. Is it a headache for the incense socket? Before you want to buy an ideal and good-looking scented socket, you may want to try this homemade scented scent; you can insert a scent in the chicken bottle cap! Simple, easy to use and convenient, not to worry about breaking.