How to use the nail polish From MEIYUN


How to apply nail polish evenly

To apply nail polish evenly and evenly, you need to master the necessary application skills. Applying too thin or too thick nail polish is not a good coloring method. With the help of auxiliary tools, you can do more with less.

First, prepare a handy brush. The bristles of the brush should be suitable for the width of the nails, the brush head should be flat, then use the brush to dip an appropriate amount of nail polish, and gently “brush all the way” on the nails.

Then, apply the nail polish twice. The first application should be very thin and thin, but be careful not to apply it repeatedly; the second application can be slightly thickened, but it must be applied after the first application is completely dry.

When MMs apply nail polish, they must first apply from the middle of the nail to the fingertips, and then apply one on each side, so that the nail color will be very uniform.

What to do if the nail polish is dry

Drying nail polish is a problem that many MMs have encountered too much. If you need an urgent nail but find that nail polish is not useful, then you are really stunned! But there are also some tips for KO nail polish to dry, so MM guys hug Mommy Encyclopedia!

There are several ways to deal with nail polish drying:

  1. Add nail polish thinner. This is the safest method. A special nail polish thinner can target nails of any color and texture. Add a few drops of thinner to the dried nail polish, and the magic effect will immediately appear!
  2. Add water. Water-based dilution is specifically for natural water-based nail polish. To dry this type of nail polish, just add a few drops of water and shake it well.
  3. Add transparent nail polish. In addition to the above methods, dry nail polish can also be diluted with ordinary transparent nail polish. Of course, you have to pay attention to the amount, otherwise, the original nail polish will be diluted.

How to use the nail polish