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In a society where environmental pollution is getting worse, MMs are beginning to realize the importance of staying away from makeup products with chemical ingredients. Therefore, many MMs carefully choose pure natural lotions for skin care. Introduce how to make your own lotion and what are the skin care steps.

Home-made lotion is not only natural, but also very moisturizing. Everyone is more at ease using it. Here are a few ways to make your own homemade lotion.

1, Aloe Rejuvenating Lotion

Raw materials

Aloe, purified water.

After peeling and peeling the aloe, put it into a juicer to squeeze the aloe juice, then add purified water to dilute, and finally put it into a spray bottle.

After cleansing the face each time, spray an appropriate amount on the face, which can help the facial skin to hydrate, and the moisturizing effect is significant.

After cleaning your face
2, honey moisturizing lotion

Raw materials

Honey, glycerin, purified water.

Mix these ingredients together and blend, especially glycerin and honey, and put them in a sealed bottle.

Take some pats on the face after washing your face, so that the skin on the face is fully absorbed, and the cheeks will look more shiny.

Take some pats on your face after washing your face
3, sandalwood lotion

Raw materials

Sandalwood essential oil, purified water, apple cider vinegar.

Put pure water and apple cider vinegar together, add sandalwood essential oil, stir with clean chopsticks, and put into a container.

Spray some on the face after washing your face each time, which can promote the regeneration of cells and keep the skin hydrated and shiny.

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4. Rose nourishing lotion

Raw materials

Dried rose flower, pure water.

Thoroughly clean the rose petals, it is best to soak in salt water for 2 hours to break out the harmful substances.

Boil the rose petals with pure water, the petals turn pale, and the soup turns rosy; filter out the soup, cool it to room temperature and bottle it, and store it in the refrigerator!

5, lemon lotion

Raw materials

Lemon, purified water.

Mix the lemon juice with an appropriate amount of purified water and dilute it to a certain extent before applying it on your face. Remember to keep the purified water in a small amount.

Lemon can effectively soothe and firm skin, control the secretion of facial oils, and make the skin more refreshed.

6, tremella fungus lotion ingredients


Soak the Tremella for a period of time and cook in a pot. After it is cooked into a thick sauce, put it in a bowl to cool. Filter out the Tremella and leave only the juice. You can also keep it in the refrigerator for a while. Applying on the face can effectively moisturize the skin.

7, milk lotion

Raw materials

Milk, purified water.

Pour an appropriate amount of milk into a bowl and add some water to dilute it. Then you can use a cotton pad to dip the milk and mix it with water to apply on the facial skin.

Not only can effectively clean the facial skin, but also has a good whitening and moisturizing effect. After use, put the rest in a refrigerator and keep it sealed. You can continue to use it next time.

8. Rosemary lotion

Raw materials

Rosemary essential oil, purified water.

Prepare an appropriate amount of rosemary essential oil, and then mix it with purified water. You can also add an appropriate amount of apple cider vinegar and mix it evenly before pouring it into a spray bottle.

Then it can be sprayed on the facial skin, which can evenly balance the facial water and oil, so that the skin can enjoy full moisture.

The right steps for skin care

Cleanser or Cleanser

Cleaning is always the first step in skin care. Clean the dirt on the face. If it is not cleaned thoroughly, the skin will easily become dry, rough and coarse.

How to use facial cleanser or cleanser to properly clean the face

1. Wet and moisturize the face with warm water, take an appropriate amount of cleansing products in your hands, and knead with your hands to produce rich foam.

2, especially T-shaped parts that are easy to get oil, do not rub directly, but massage, and then rinse with water.

3. Immediately absorb the moisture on the face with a towel, and finally spray with mineral water on the face, and then dry again with a towel.

Immediately absorb moisture from face with towel

The important role of cleansing and shrinking pores, the lotion cannot replace the moisturizer. The main function of the lotion is to adjust the skin, not the emollient.

Diaphragmatic fluid

After cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle base to lay the foundation.


After using the base fluid, use the essence, and apply the essence before the lotion and cream.

Lotion or cream

After using the essence, you can apply lotion or cream. If you have oily skin, use lotion. If you have dry skin, you can use cream.

Concluding remarks: The above introduced everyone how to make their own lotion and the correct skin care steps. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that before making a lotion, you need to know your skin type and understand how your skin needs to be maintained in order to better skin care.
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