Differentiation of Cream and Lotion on Makeup Skin Care(2)


Differentiation of Cream

I believe that every beauty’s dressing table will always place many bottles, which will have a variety of uses of cosmetics. Some cosmetics commonly used for skin care are called XX lotion and some are called XX cream. Are they all the same?In fact, there is a difference:

Different recipes:

Although there is no big difference in the raw materials used, both of them are essentially water + oil, but their emphases are different:

Emulsion is water-in-oil system, water is continuous phase, oil is dispersed phase, so when choosing emulsifier in formula, emulsifier with HLB value of 8~18 is the main, and emulsifier with HLB value of 3~6 is the auxiliary.

Cream is oil-in-water system, oil is continuous phase, water is dispersed phase, in the formulation of the choice of emulsifier is just the opposite of emulsion.

HLB, also known as water and oil degree, is a value to measure the hydrophilicity. The larger HLB is, the stronger the hydrophilicity is; conversely, the smaller the value is, the stronger the lipophilicity is.

Because the formula system is different, the water in the emulsion is relatively more, and the oil in the cream is more.

Note: Cream is opposite for emulsion, some more complex, the face that often uses in facial skin care cream product has day frost and the minute of late frost.

In addition to the basic skin care functions, day cream products also have the function of protecting, preventing and isolating ultraviolet rays to human body. Its ingredients contain UVA sunscreen (ultraviolet wavelength is 320~400nm) or UVB sunscreen (ultraviolet wavelength is 290~320nm).

Night cream products focus on the skin repair, nourishing, let you after the night rest and skin care, skin back to the best state. Lotion and cream products before use, should be the first facial treatment, it is recommended that the face cream before use with a layer of moisturizing water or emulsion, in order to achieve a better moisturizing effect.