Makeup master reveals the secret of makeup



a secret of even skin tone and smooth skin
Rub the foundation test on the back of the hand, then use a small sponge to puff the foundation on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and neck. Then use a damp sponge to carefully spread the foundation evenly from the middle of the face to the chin and hairline. Gently apply foundation on the eyelids, temples and people, taking care not to ignore the skin under the jaw.
– Paris famous makeup master Nike-Lee-Fer
Keep your eyes bright and clear
Rub the brown eyeshadow in the eye socket and raise it along the temple. This can not only show the difference in color depth, but also make the puffy eyelids look more spiritual. When mascara is applied, the upper lashes are generally thicker, while the lower lashes are light brown or gray. In order to make the eyes bright and clear, the inner ring of the eyes is expressed in blue.
– European and American makeup master Pablo Mandoni
Natural makeup gives the skin a natural, glamorous texture
When you modify the eyebrows, you only need to draw lightly according to the original eyebrow shape, and you don’t have to deliberately modify it. Eye makeup emphasizes eye shadow and eyeliner. The upper and lower eyeliner is usually drawn with a black eyeliner; a light-colored eye shadow is placed between the eyelids and the eyebrows, and then a slight flash of shadow is projected on the inner corner of the eye to highlight. And curl the eyelashes and apply a little brown mascara.

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– European makeup master Charlotte Ann-Filler
Highlight beautiful facial features and avoid disguising defects
Make-up can’t be like a wall painting, it should make the face bright instead of hiding the light under the mask. Therefore, a face that highlights beautiful facial features will always be more attractive than the face caused by disguising defects. The perfect beauty is like the coldness you feel when you appreciate the sculpture, and the real beauty is the face of a woman with small defects but more charm.
— Guerlain Chief Makeup Artist Michel Corolles
Immaculate Asian Women’s Makeup
According to your skin color, choose the color of the foundation. Generally, it is better to choose a foundation that is close to and slightly whiter. When selecting the foundation, the quality should be judged very well. The indicators are: fine texture, soft, easy to apply, fast coloring and strong penetration. In order to make the skin white and attractive, the key is to apply a base cream before applying the foundation, and use a puff to stick to the cheeks.
— Givenchy’s Asian chief makeup artist David Hasinlu

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