3 makeup tips you need to know about beauty dating


Every woman will dress herself up before the date. There is no shortage of clothing, makeup, jewelry, and perfume. We won’t talk about the rest here, just talk about makeup. Putting on a date makeup is very tricky. The appearance of a plain face may make your impression in his mind greatly reduced, and the thick makeup may make him feel that you are too superficial, so you need a proper makeup, and a perfect makeup To achieve these, you must watch the following three makeup tips.

Dating Makeup Tips

There are different skin colors. Your yellowishness and my paleness are different. How can you adjust the flaws on the skin color with blush and obtain the blush color that matches the skin color at the same time? Then choose some blush with color matching function will definitely meet your desire. In fact, most of this color matching function is completed by optical games. For example, purple can improve the skin’s yellow gas, while pink can make the skin tone look whiter.

Therefore, choosing a color that blends with your skin tone can add points to the overall makeup. Generally speaking, fair skin tone should be matched with pink blush, while yellowish skin tone should be matched with orange blush. The current popular two-color blush method has a wider application area. Its specific operation method is to first score the red blush in the apple muscle area, and then cover it with an orange blush in an oblique manner. It plays the role of improving the complexion and retouching the face. In addition, if the overall tone of your skin is not perfect, you can first use a base makeup with a color correction function to correct the skin tone, instead of relying only on blush to remedy.

The “natural” of dating makeup tips

Although we can see a variety of popular colors and makeup on the runway every season, for those of us who are going to date, transparent makeup is still the best choice for day makeup, even if the color of the makeup blush has There are many choices, and only the healthy flushing makeup effect that naturally comes out of the skin is the hue that can most impress him.

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If you need to apply a natural blush, then a professional blush brush is an essential tool. Probably most blushes come with a small brush, but these brushes are usually flat and have a small amount of hair. The results are not perfect. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a blush brush with a beveled angle. This is more suitable for creating three-dimensional lines on the cheeks. The largest blush brush (that is, the honey powder brush) can easily draw large-scale rendered blushes. It looks very natural. In addition, if you are a novice in makeup and you can’t control the amount of blush well, choosing a liquid or cream blush is a good suggestion. That’s because this kind of blush has weak tint strength and durability, and it is easier to control the shade of the color, so that the situation of heavy makeup and bright makeup can be avoided.

立体 “Three-dimensional” of dating makeup techniques

It is not only the foundation that can be used to create the ultimate three-dimensional beauty, but also the perfect combination of highlights and blushes: the “gloss” creates a bright luster in the skin and the “blush” gives the skin a natural luster, You can create the three-dimensional extreme beauty.

You can use a small brush to dip the highlighter, and apply it to the narrow, not prominent areas to make the face more three-dimensional. The center of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin are all light-colored. Apply light colors to your temples and under the eyes to make them brighter. Also, you must learn to use the face powder, it can also help you easily create a three-dimensional face when paired with blush.

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