6 criteria for judging the value of perfume bottles


When these grotesque perfume bottles came to the hands of thousands of men and women in the world, they were given a second life.
The color of the liquid seems to be flowing. What can be used to imprison the soul that wants freedom? Is there any kind of collection that will not stand the temper of time like a perfume, and finally end in disappearance in the air? Fortunately, the perfume bottle kept her for years and made her love for her.
As a collection of upstarts in recent years, perfume bottles provide nostalgic men and women with all kinds of nodes that can be recalled. Just as every bottle of perfume has its story, when these grotesque perfume bottles come to the hands of thousands of men and women in the world, they are given a second life.

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The collection value of perfume bottles can be judged from the following six aspects:
The first is the age.
In general, the sooner a perfume bottle is produced, the more it has a collection and appreciation value, which is the same as all the collectibles. Such as the Lalique style glass perfume bottle (1st century BC), this was quite extravagant at the time, just like the liquid in the bottle. Another example is the blown amethyst bottle (50-150 AD), as well as the blown glass jars built in the 1st century AD. From them, we can appreciate the true “lasting fragrance.”
The second is the place of origin.
Perfume bottles from different places have recorded different folk customs, and you can feel the different cultures by enjoying the perfume bottles from different places. The world’s oldest perfume, discovered in Cyprus, is simply placed in an inconspicuous pottery jar; the exotic Butterfly Lady perfume bottle is even more beautiful, revealing the ancient Eastern countries. Mysterious atmosphere.
The third is the material.

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The modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry was developed along with the glass crystal manufacturing industry. Therefore, glass and crystal are the main raw materials for the design of modern perfume bottles. In addition, porcelain, enamel, etc. are also often used as raw materials for the manufacture of perfume bottles. When collecting, you can focus on collecting perfume bottles of certain materials according to your own preferences. Generally speaking, when enjoying perfume bottles of different materials, the glass crystal is used as a raw material to give people a sense of lightness and elegance, and the porcelain raw materials give a feeling of thick and dignified. Of course, the overall effect is also related to the shape, color and decoration.
The fourth is the shape.
The shape of the perfume bottle is quite rich today. In addition to the shapes that can be described by squares, circles, hearts, crescents, cones, inverted trapezoids, etc., there are many shapes that are oddly shaped and cannot be described in words.

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The fifth is color.
The color of the perfume bottle is extremely rich. The transparent perfume bottles such as glass crystal are mostly light colors, such as light lemon yellow, light orange, light green, light blue, etc., especially light lemon yellow, which is because lemon yellow and large Most perfumes have a good color and give a fresh, clean feel.
Six is ​​decoration.
The delicate and elegant perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting women’s visual attention. The surface of the engraved flower, the fabulous flower bottle cap, and some of the hand-bound bows make the visual art of the perfume bottle and the scent art of the perfume have the same value.