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Whether it’s the trendiest T-stage or the street, you can find lipsticks and lip glosses. Their crystal clear luster has become a beautiful scene in the MM’s lip makeup. So what are the specific differences between lipstick and lip gloss? How should they be used correctly? The MMs who still have doubts about lipstick and lip gloss hurry and then look down.

1.the state.

Lipstick is solid; lip gloss is liquid.


Lipsticks are brightly colored and colorless and transparent; lip glosses are generally brighter and brighter.


The main function of lipstick is to moisturize the lips and isolate the external skin from irritation. The role of lip gloss is to brighten the skin color of the lips and color the lips, which is similar to the effect of lipstick.


The lipstick is more viscous and is not easily smudged on the lips. The lip gloss has a long-lasting makeup due to its strong fluidity and requires makeup once every 1-2 hours.

How to choose lipstick and lip gloss

Good lipstick and lip gloss can make your lips sexy and attractive, while minimizing irritation and damage to your lips. So how should such lipstick and lip gloss be selected? Here are 5 practical tips for choosing lipsticks and lip glosses that may help you. Let’s take it easy!

Tip1 See brand

The brand of lipstick and lip gloss is very important. The quality of the brand with higher credibility is often reliable, and the brand products that the stars and buyers have reviewed are also worthy of MM.

Tip2 see shape

Lipsticks and lip glosses are both cylindrical and rectangular. In general, cylindrical shapes are more convenient and flexible, while rectangular ones are not lost. The decision-making power depends on the needs of MMs themselves.

Tip3 see the ingredients

Lipsticks and lip glosses are sold in mint, vitamins, natural vegetable oils, etc. It is not recommended to buy mint lipsticks and lip glosses because it is more irritating to the lips and allergic skin. MM should also choose a fragrance-free lipstick and lip gloss.

Tip4 see color

The darker the color of the lipstick and lip gloss, the more chemicals such as stains and pigments are added, and the more harmful the skin is. Inferior lipsticks and lip glosses often rely on attractive colors to attract MMs to buy. The choice of lipstick and lip gloss is suitable for moisturizing and use. It is imperative to choose inferior lipstick and lip gloss for the pursuit of high saturation lip color.

Tip5 see gloss

Lipstick lip gloss has a certain degree of gloss, matte products will be better in the persistence of gloss; and if you want to make yourself a focus, choose the light effect will be better.

The difference between lipstick  and lip gloss